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RE: IBT Survival Island - NEW Steem Community

in #ibt4 years ago

Looks like the hive tag still has to be first to show up in the community as this post isn't in there.

For sake of completion here's a Steempeak link to the community and you can actually search communities on Steempeak which is how I found it ;D

Sort: problem is posting as the Admin, I don't get the chance to add a tag. It's automatic and therefore I can't tell it to make it the first tag :(

For example, If I was to create a new post logged in as Ibt-survival and then put the tag in, it would throw me an error message saying along the lines "this post has automatically been tagged with hive#.....". So it's not like I have choice, if this makes more sense.

The only way I could be sure to post it with #hive-11086 is to add no other tags (No tags at all since I'm not allowed to enter it - If I tried to enter it as the only and first tag I would get an error message saying "this post has automatically been tagged with #hive...please remove your manual entry").. I guess I could do that first (post with no tags at all), then edit it with others, this would be the only way I could make sure #hive-11086 is the first tag

Nope doesn't work - I guess I will try again with Steempeak later tonight.

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