Sort: do I do this, I really need to read the white paper haha

I went to steemit instead and sorted communities by "New" to find it.
And the hive number has three 1's not two as you wrote in the post :D
Np mistakes happen

Oh interesting, will need to advise steemit inc. on the bug.
-given the tag is entered automatically and what I wrote is the same as the automatic entry (I can't change it from two 1's to three 1's, am I right in thinking your screen dump above is showing a description bug? (their description has 1 too many 1's)..or do I need more coffee :)

oh it seems it didn't save my description the first time and then added an extra 1??? - trying to update again.

Yep, I think that fixed weird?

It should appear now as IBT-Survival vs. @hive-111086 whatever that is?? haha

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