10% Daily BitBIOS Review

in hyip •  last year

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BitBIOS is a high risk HYIP program paying 10% daily on your investment. Now these plans are the same as many other hyips, but here is why I think this one will go for longer then usual.

  1. Unique design and processing interface.
    If you look at all hyip websites, they are all exactly the same, the only thing different is the images and backgrounds.
    If you are familiar with HYIP websites, you know what I mean.

  2. Automated compounding
    Now every body knows, what crazy figures compounding calculators show, so this website does have this future and I'm guessing lots of users will use it, as it will give more stability to the program.

  3. Simple plan
    Most of 10% HYIP websites rates starts with 10% Daily and usually goes all the way to 14%-15%, which is not very fair for the lower budget investors, and also it doesn't give confidence of stability.

Some other cool futures are

  • instant deposit and withdraw
  • withdraw from available balance whenever you want
  • good referral commission that goes straight to available balance
  • support and tickets react really quickly

Now considering all these futures promoting this program

Its very important to get in on the first few days, as for the more you delay, the probability of not getting your initial investment grows higher.



Let me know what you think in the comment section
Also please consider using my referral link

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that's awesome man

It's like sharing good info of bad things hehe

Very interesting, good post and I like, hopefully the next post better with a more perfect idea. follow me @pn09s, Upvote and give a positive comment for me.


If you want to make money from HYIP, refer members. Investing yourself is risky.

I can send full info why I said like that.

I have never heard of this one. I like the clear disclaimer though "Do not invest more then you can afford to lose". What are your plans?


Dont ask me, I'm risk junkie, I dont like projects with 1% -2% flans (This is not good, I dont recommend anyone doing this). My plan is as always, investing in the beginning, getting my ROI, and then 50% reinvest 50% withdraw. Btw, tomorrow I'm in profit... I guess my prediction was right about this project. I see that you commented 4 days ago, did you make a deposit?


Bitcoin payouts are pending now (27 Nov)


You are right. It's on permanent pending. It means they are stolen.

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