HUSH Weekly update, Week 23.

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Weekly update, Week 23

Starting from week 23 (this week), we will post a weekly update every weekend.
This is the first update.

Completed work

  • The community member Alitimate has helped us with our new logo. We finally decided to go with the one you see above. We want to thank Alitimate a lot, very nice job!

  • I (Axel) have started looking for people to help me out with the community project idea. If you're interested in what idea this is, you can read about this further down.

  • I have also finished the structure of the new OP, we will hopefully get this completed very soon.

  • David (@Radix42) has been working on the official Windows Client, until then you can use the experimental one created by Ivan Vaklinov. Link here: Experimental Windows Client

  • David has also been working on how development will be funded going forward. There is nothing official here yet, as soon as there is we will update everyone.

  • Iolar has been making updates on the website and also continued working on the rebranding, the new logo will soon have replaced the old one everywhere.

Things that will happen in a near future

  • Official Windows Client
  • New OP
  • Rebrand completed (logos, social media, website etc)
  • Hopefully we will have our project team for the community project.

If you have any questions, just ask us either here or on Slack.

Community Project Idea

"My idea is kind of a platform for people wanting to learn programming, people wanting to improve their programming skills and developers who wants to teach other community members and also attend competitions where they come with ideas, develop and the winner will be able to implement this into HUSH.
This would be good for HUSH's development and the community (more people learning programming and a more active community where people get to know each other).

If you are interested in contributing in some way, join the channel community-project on our Slack.
I would be super happy if I saw people from the community coming together and working together.

This idea isn't something our Dev Team will have time for since David's ideas are plenty enough. This is a 100% community driven project, I will only coordinate everyone.

What I need right now is a group of people helping me with developing the idea and the course of action, simply the pre-work."


News Channel
Contact e-mail

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Hey @sparkit, just stumbled upon this post. LOVE the logo, Alitimate did a great job!

I am a programmer / developer and have been thinking about what you have as a goal for HUSH. I'll jump into your Slack channel soon. Cheers!

Very good idea. Maybe you find more people interested in learning than people with enough time to mentor. But very interesting idea!


That's true.
The idea is not done yet, I come up with things for each day. For example it could be a section for free services and one for paid services etc.


It's a very good idea! I cannot help much because I'm a complete ignorant in programming, and I have very few ideas... But I will keep updated on your project

Lovely. Establishing privacy will be key to the ongoing cooperative agorist movement away from centralized, state controlled forms of organisation.