Initial HUSH roadmap

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Hello, this is David Mercer, new Lead Developer of the HUSH (formerly zdash) cryptocurrency project at As I've been onboard in this new role for just around a week, this initial roapmap for HUSH won't have any firm dates in it. Once I've settled in and gotten a better feel for the current team in the HUSH community, and the timeframe for some external dependencies in upstream software are firmed up, subsequent roadmap updates will have projected dates for things.

The list below starts with short term items and then in the medium term gets into my vision for HUSH, which is to steer it towards being a secure messaging oriented fork of Zcash. The memo field in private transactions allows up to 512 bytes of any type of data to be sent. The command line proof of concept for using this as a messaging client is zmsg, who's source code is at Integrating messaging into the GUI wallet with features not found in the rest of the Zcash ecosystem is the first main feature enhancement I have planned. And now, onto the list:

  • Complete rebranding as HUSH
    While merging changes from the latest upstream version of Zcash, 1.0.9, that just got released, we're going to remove all references to zdash in the current software, both the linux and Windows releases.

  • Windows installer
    The pieces for this are nearly all in place:

    • Command line Windows port is done
    • Stand-alone GUI wallet is complete
    • Proving key download to be added to GUI
    • Bundle all the above into installer, as I've previously done for
  • Get listed on additional exchanges
    The above is what I believe is missing to get listed on ones we've talked to in the past, since we now have a good block explorer at

  • Add messaging to current GUI wallet

    • Sender authentication
    • Pet name system (google Zooko's Triangle for more info on that)
    • i2p and/or TOR integration
  • Add ipfs integration for large messages and sending binary files

  • New lightweight client
    This is dependent on upstream Zcash deploying a stable interface for proof offloading to create and sign private transactions.

    • Initial version for Android
    • will support full localization for different languages
  • XCAT with Zcash
    This is Cross Chain Atomic Swaps, and is coming down the pike into Zcash. Once in place users will be able to fund HUSH wallets without using an exchange if they have any other cryptocurrency that supports XCAT (work is underway on BTC and ETH, with code in various states of completeness).

I think that the above will keep us all nice and busy for the remainder of 2017!


David Mercer
Tucson, AZ
Lead Developer, HUSH Core
[email protected] - [email protected]


i upvote and resteemed this post :)

Great HUSH roadmap. I wish HUSH great success like ZEC, ZCL and ZEN! I would recommend to add DAO funding like in zencash: 1% for DAO may be great idea.

I'm working on an idea that would give assets/tokens, smart contacts, and funding to HUSH, more soon

awesome idea, and also masternodes if we think that will help keeping the existence of Hush

awesome post

Thanks, more details coming on a regular basis as we progress!

Hi thanks for that. I hope hush will really have some concept which is quniqe and makes ush more attactive. I am mining i as well because its very young and easy to mine. So long.

Is there anybody who wants to pay his pizza with hush ? I am willed to make sure you get delivered pizza for your hush!

this post is 6m old, I know, but still, good one! With the latest BarterDEX iterations and overall progress from the Komodo team, this time line and action plan are looking very good! Especially the atomic swaps agenda.
I'm looking forward to your updates!

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