HUSH Update Week 32

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HUSH Update Week 32

HUSH is a fork of Zcash. HUSH trusted setup follows the same setup provided by the Zcash team.
The total coin supply is 21,000,000 HUSH.
There was a 0.578% premine (121,475 HUSH)
HUSH has the same specifications as Bitcoin and Zcash (except the Founder's reward). You can read more on our website, link is at the bottom of the page.


HUSH is a project developed by and for the community, the HUSH team consists of 6 people right now and we are all Community Members.
Everyone can come up with ideas and suggestions, which happens a lot in our Slack Channel. We are a very sophisticated community where almost everyone contributes in one way or another.

HUSH Messenger

A HUSH Messenger is being developed, which you can read about here: HUSH Messenger
This is a feature where you can send secure messages through your wallet, using the Zerocash Protocol.

HUSH Counterparty

Our Lead Developer David Mercer found the solution to funding problems. A HUSH Counterparty where the HUSH spent in the initial sale of XHCP instead of being burnt will be in essence the ICO funding the development of the system.
You can read more about HUSH Counterparty here: Counterparty on HUSH

HUSH is still in a early phase, HUSH (originally branded as Zdash) was released November 2016 and David Mercer took over as Lead Developer in May 2017.
Since then HUSH has developed a lot and the team has expanded from 3 members to currently 6 members.

• SuperNet DEX
• XCAT - Cross Chain Atomic Transactions

You can read more about HUSH at our website or join our Slack Channel if you have any questions

• Bounty Issues on Github

• Swing Wallet bug fix is being tested.

• Madbuda and Dukeleto has joined the team

• Mac OS Command Line

• HUSH Website has been translated in 12 languages in addition to English.

• HUSH is now listed on

• HUSH web-miner is out, it is not optimized yet but it will be faster.

• HUSH Messenger is still being developed

• HUSH Counter Party is still being developed
"Nearly finished with the parts of CounterParty that control hushd, in anticipation of testnet being up soon, and are working on identifying all the bitcoin specific address handling code that needs to be changed in counterparty-lib, the library that the rest of the Counterparty stack interacts with the blockchain through" - David Mercer

• MyHush Github is being actively updated by Duke (@Dukeleto)

• TestNet is being worked on, we will soon have a HUSH testnet

• Optimization of the web-miner, hopefully it will be able to use GPUs from the browser

• Begun localization of the wallet into other languages, initially Chinese

Bitcointalk Thread
Block Explorer
Config Generator
Coin Market Cap
Telegram Group
Telegram News Channel
Github Bounty Issues
HUSH Puppy Miner

Follow me, David, Iolar and Matt if you want to read more about HUSH and our development here on Steemit.


Hi @sparkit, nice update! Iam looking forward for the counterparty topic to go into testing, this will be a huge step forward for HUSH. Also the Webbrowser Mining is a very promising lead and should lead to a lot of attention ! Keep up the good work !

Hello! Thank you, I'm also looking forward to the testing. It's very exciting that the features are getting closer and closer to be ready each day!

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Nice to see things are advancing for HUSH! Thanks Sparkit.

Thank you for the update @sparkit, looking forward to following the HUSH team closely and evaluating the efficacy of this crypto!