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Greetings Dear Steemian Family,

I apologize in advance for any lack of continuity of this post. I have little time at the moment to spare, and I want to deliver as much relevant information as I can in this time.

I've not posted in quite a while in part because I've been busy working on training dome builders so as to develop some residual income to allow me to pursue other endeavors, like GEET R&D more freely. (GEET is clean free energy you can find out more about at @GEETInstitute)

Soon I would like to take a trip to Oregon to collaborate with other geodesic dome makers to expand our network even further. I plan to make a Steemit tour of it, stopping many places along the way to tell people about Steemit, GEET, Domes, and whatever else we can to help them.

Someone mentioned today they were interested in having us make their greenhouse, since we are a small family operation. I replied,
"we're that and more
i'm working to network all us small guys together to "out-walmart walmart" as i like to put it
i'm working with atomic domes already in the bay, and getting ready to head up to Oregon to meet and trade knowledge with our next member soon ...i've also set up a half dozen workshops and trained several ppl to make covers . i'm working to create an industry of self employed, but coordinated makers of not just domes but much more , all for self sustenance to the max"

I'm trying to avoid wrist problems, so to fill in the blanks, here is some stuff I posted on a craigslist ad today that got deleted:

(Note: I'm out of mobile service range most of the time recently so leave a voicemail or text me) 530 334 04 eight nine.

We are a growing network of self-sustainability-oriented individuals.

We are looking for land developed or not, to conduct research and development on a clean energy device invented by my late great father, Paul Pantone.

Because working with other peoples money has usually lead to headaches, (not to mention disease, captivity and death) for inventors and their successors, I have focused toward earning my own operational capital for the endeavor.

Everyone needs to be focusing on where their food is coming from. I've created the new edge of the geodesic dome industry, which will revolutionize food production and living conditions globally with the help of our growing network.

We are specifically looking for a place in Napa, California, where we have one very dedicated and intelligent volunteer ready to manage shop while other administrative individuals are away on business.

My proposal is this: If you have enough land to share, we can work together to make the necessary steps to salvage our species and planet, and restore us to a more harmonious state where all can thrive. If you need financial justification to make the decision, an arrangement can be made accordingly so appropriate shares of crops (returns) fully cover your decided price.

For more info and to save extra typing, here is a recent post I made on social media:

Want to grow your own, and more healthy, food?

Geodesic domes are the strongest and most thermally efficient greenhouses in existence, and the best home for your year-round garden.

We are available now to create a dome for you of any size, frequency, cover type, etc, with any other options you dream up.

For the common good of humanity Geodesic Dome Makers are working together and sharing information to bring our standards ever higher, and the costs to the end user ever lower. We will soon launch domemakers dot com, to make it known, that through our network, geodesic dome greenhouses are available and affordable everywhere. In addition we are involved in and organizing many more community-aiding endeavors. You can PM me for details, as there are too many to list without writing a book.

Warm weather is the best time to install a greenhouse cover. Since plastic film expands and contracts due to temperature variance plastic which is installed in cold weather will loosen up when it warms up. So, don't delay.

If you are ready to be eating/providing much healthier food than you likely already are, I highly suggest you contact us immediately so we can help you get your greenhouse made and established before the cold of winter hits.

By the way, we also work with a couple of the largest and most knowledgeable aquaponics pros in Northern California.

Message me for contact info, or leave a voicemail or text on my number listed in the attached brochure image.

Happy Gardening!

-David the dome maker

P.S. Attached are images of our most recent 23.5' 5/8 3v (refer to brochure image) creation! We'll follow up with some more posts later on, to show you the rain-forest of a garden which it will contain.

P.P.S. If you have not already done it.... JOIN STEEMIT dot com (for free) and message us when you have for help getting started and connected with us there! let's quit posting for free, and instead get paid for our posts, comments, and up-votes.

Other projects: GEET Fuel Processor, SEG, Searl Energy Generator, Spacial Energy Generator, Nicola Tesla, Rodin Aerodynamics, Water from Air, Waste Cancellation, HVAC, free education, disaster relief, cargo ships


I'm hoping to have enough done this winter to be able to head to Bangladesh and start many projects there to help provide free education, healthy food, good work and working conditions, energy production, waste elimination and more. With the connections I and others have there and the plans I have in place I feel we can turn Dhaka from the 2nd least livable reported city to a top-ten most livable city , within a few years. I think the rest of the world would inevitably emulate that.

I feel once I have about $100 a day residual income I can make it happen. I wish to post on Steemit enough to create that value, but because I wish to keep my Steem as Steem Power. I am also aiming for my first line of income to be through geodesic dome maker networking.

That being said, the more positive feedback I get on here, the more often I will be inclined and able to post here.

Thanks a billion to @fulltimegeek for introducing me to steemit.com and helping me see it as being as revolutionary as the GEET Fuel Processor, and for your donation (for a better world) of 105 Steem! I transferred it to Steem Power where I'm presently using it to support @azizbd with @schoolforsdg4 . That school is similar in part to what I wish to do in Bangladesh. I also plan to meet and work with them when I'm there.

So much has happened since my last post. If you are curious about anything I've mentioned previously or in this post, please let me know in the comments. If it's worth a post for elaboration and clarification, I'll do it.

Gotta go work in the yard now!

Bless you All <3

  • David Pantone
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Man, I hope that all works out well for you. I would still be interested in a dome, but the time is definitely not right for us to do that right now.

Keep at it man! STEEM ON!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. All of it. I'm happy and thankful and sending the love back. I'll also share with my Oregon friends. A lot of great stuff here, you are awesome, keep going!!!!

Great to see you back on steem, David.

@schoolforsdg4 is an excellent project - it is one we support through A Dollar A Day.

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Hi David, could you please upvote this new Selfrunner Free Energy Device ?
Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.