How to buy Dash? [Video Tutorial]

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I honestly can't recommend Coinbase based on the horror stories about tokens being blacklisted because they were associated to gambling at some point, but if you're already going with them or are not concerned about these policies you can sign up here.

The same goes for Poloniex, but I actually have a personal record with them and have even written about it right here on Steemit.

I ❤️ D!


Read more about Mastercard!


Wanna buy Dash with debit?

Trading Dash for cash?

Banking in the US?

Don't have a wallet yet? This one's dummie proof!


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I've seen your hacking tutorials on youtube

  ·  last month

I'm not the one in the video, his name is Jerry Bandfield if I am not mistaken. Don't have any tutorials on youtube, yet.

  ·  last month

I'm sorry I've seen Jerry then

  ·  last month

Great tutorial, would love to see something similar for PIVX.
Hopefully the Dashous site will make the process a bit more straight forward, and as it's open source should be useful for all crypto currencies. Great work Dash, the crypto currency universe thanks you!

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