Charlie Shrem's proposal for Dash gets approved!

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Tl;Dr Masternodes say yes to @charlieshrem's Dash Mastercard debit.

Just came across this video and its creator says the funding for this project will become available by April 5th though impatient Shrem is excited to show off so he's starting early.

I now remember hearing Charlie had a proposal, just didn't know it would be so beneficial to Dash. I think it's important that people have something somewhat familiar to what's commonly used, if not for themselves not to get confused then for whoever they are paying to not to get confused.

I ❤️ D!


Can't wait to have my very own Dash Mastercard!

While trying to dig up Charlie's proposal on I came across another proposal, which by the way seems to be doing well, is that Steemit's @stellabelle?

Dash investors are job creators too, by the time we reach a 1 billion dollar market cap there will be one million dollars available monthly for the growth of the organization.
Here's a link to the proposal!


Wanna buy Dash with debit?

Trading Dash for cash?

Banking in the US?

Don't have a wallet yet? This one's dummie proof!


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Fantastic news! Between the Trezor and the Ledger hardware wallets and now a debit card we have a winner here in Dash. I hope the fees are truly low enough to buy groceries and travel around the world with it. I purchased a full set of Christmas gifts with Bitcoin two years ago. I'm certainly looking forward to this Dash debit card and will try it out.


Well I'm voting for his witness here on Steemit so I hope he takes pity on me and I can get one as soon as it they start being mailed out :)

Very interesting.. and lucrative information. Thanks for the heads up my man!

This is excellent. Having a debit
card is essential to adoption for all point of sale focused cryptos. Another win for Masternode budget systems.