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Upvoting and Voting Power is still not understood by everyone, especially the new users. I will try to make it as easy as possible to understand it. Upvoting is fun and we like to see our upvotes make a difference, until it doesn't right? The more powerful your Upvotes the more curation rewards you get. Below I will explain how this works the best way I know how, using an analogy.

Test 2.png

We will use a Boxer to explain this. That means, you are this guy:


Test 2.png

Vote Influence

When you start out as a fighter you are weak. Your punches don't hit as hard as a veteran boxer and you don't always know when and where to punch. You just know that you have to punch and train to become stronger. Training will make you stronger. To train and make your punches hit harder you need STEEM POWER. The more STEEM POWER the harder you will hit.

The more STEEM POWER you have the more influence your upvotes will have and the bigger your curation rewards will be.


Test 2.png

Voting Power

Just like any boxer you can not keep hitting forever. Your first few punches are the ones that really do damage. They connect with most of your power.

Voting Power decreases with each upvote. At 100% one upvote will decrease your voting power by 2% per vote.

100 bar.png

After throwing punches left and right you will start draining yourself and you will become less effective with each punch. No one can keep punching and expect to have the same power behind every punch.

As your Voting Power goes down, so does your voting influence. The less Voting Power, the weaker your upvotes.

As a boxer's energy gets drained he has to eventually stop fighting and recharge. No boxer fights everyday. They need to take a rest and after a while they will be able to hit at 100% of his power again.

Your Voting Power recharges at a rate of around 20% per day. If you deplete your Voting Power it can take quite some time to recharge to be at 100% again.

60 bar.png

Boxers who fight for too long will drain themselves too much will take longer to recover. If they do not fully recover before their next fight it will make them weaker. They will not be hitting at 100% of their true potential.

Don't drain your Steem Power to levels below 80%. Your votes will have less effect the lower your Voting Power goes. Instead, take a rest. Go write that post you have been thinking of and let your Voting Power regenerate to ensure your votes and rewards have maximum effect.

80 bar.png

The golden rule is 11 Upvotes a day for maximum effectiveness. Remember the more your vote influences a post the more you will be rewarded in curation rewards.

Test 2.png

Every boxer trains for hours a day, they hone their skills and know when they are in peak condition for a fight. They prepare themselves and ready their minds in order to be as effective as possible. . Knowing exactly how many punches they can throw at what level of power to ensure they come out successful. Knowing when to take a breather before the next powerful blow can make all the difference.

Keep track of your Voting Power and how much your upvotes are worth. Remember, the less you vote is worth, the less curation rewards you will get.

Test 2.png

To see your Voting Power visit: - Your voting power and stats will be shown on the left. - Enter your name in the top right corner.


Test 2.png

That pretty much sums it up! Don't deplete your voting power. 11 Upvotes a day. Keep track of your Voting Power and try to look for good posts to get good curation rewards.

Test 2.png

The irony is now everyone who reads this is looking at their Voting Power and then thinking if they should spend their valuable vote on this post. Short answer:

Test 2.png

To all my followers:

Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!


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Great information and easy to understand, now let me see where I can put you on my slider :)

followed you ;))

Thanks, I like trying to make things easy to understand. I know I am not the best writer but using an analogy normally works when it comes to explaining. Thanks for the upvote, one of the bigger ones I got for this post! Hehe, thanks!

I try my best to be generous when I can. Glad to be of help, maybe I'll reward you in other ways as well. :-)

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Appreciate it! I saw you resteemed! Thanks mate! Every bit helps. This post has baffled me with the amount of Votes vs Payout. At least it's helping people and gaining me some followers so I'm happy about that.

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I see the notation, but no benefit was granted???

@wrthomas couldn't agree with you more. @scrooger fantastic post as usual. I've upvoted and resteemed. Really learning a lot from you. Dankie :)

Resteemed because this is useful to know. I definitely learned from it

Glad you like it!

FINALLY! I was searching for the answer to so many questions surrounding this for ages. You did it! You answered all my voting questions. TY!


Hey .. @scrooger

I would Like to apprecite the effort your doing ... Your showing us valuable content and also to the community . I really love the way your doing effort..

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Regards Sophia Olive

You are most welcome! Checked out your profile! Nice intro. Have fun here on Steemit and check out my other posts. Some are useful for new Steemians. =)

Thanks you for the break Down! Upvote Number 4 to you Steemer!

Whoohoo! Thanks appreciate it!

I can appreciate this post because it caused me to rethink my upvoting plan.



Thank you! Glad it helped! Yeah sticking to that upvoting plan is harder than we think though. Good luck!

Voted for this post! Was this a Hard punch 🤛 buddy ?

A little jab to the chin. But much appreciated!

Waw thanks for this explanation
it was useful
I resteem but not up-vote as my voting power is at 27.45%
joking - upvoted

Haha, appreciate it!

Also, you can vote with less than 100% even if you don't have 482SP

Check how to vote without burning Voting power <a href""> read a post

Resteemed...not even just for the vote...this is a good guide for people new to voting and good reminder to people how things have changed after HF19

You still get your upvote, not because of the promise. Simply because you are awesome!

I see 222 upvotes and just 12,99 pending payout for this post... I wish I could add another zero to that!

Yes, I am a little bummed by that. Because this info is only useful to the newer users, they already used up most of their Voting power and their accounts are small. So every upvote is pretty small. It's ok though. As long as the message spreads and people are getting helped.

Also, you can vote with less than 100% even if you don't have 482SP

Check how to vote without burning Voting power <a href""> read a post

I knew that ChainBB could be used for that, but I'm not a big fan (yet)...

btw. I got so frustrated that i couldnt use the slider that i bought some more steem :D

Me too. yesterday I bought delegated SP and... I was frustrated what I can vote only 100% for every vote... and then i start my research...

I'm not a big fun of chainbb too. but at least I can reward all my commentators

Thank you for this! I thought I had a handle on it until the Fork! This is a great guide for newbs like me. Re-steemed!

Awesome! Glad this helped!

GreaT illustration uSING BoxinG !! - ))

... i appreciate the advice - ))
NOOB .. with 'click ExciteMEnt' !! - )) // @fun-along-theway .. - ))
Voting power ... ha ha .. voting weakness - )))

PumpeD (( ha ha )) & reSTEEMed - ))

"" UP is IN ""

greb'Z )

deserve upvote and friend...

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Great for beginners to learn how to manage their votes... I learned something for sure...
My Voting Power is super low right now :( Didn't realize the replenish rate was so low! I was just being a nice guy and upvoting a lot!

Adding steem power doesn't help to replenish the vote power, it just helps to increase the overall value, right?

Yes. Steem Power only gives your votes more weight. Doesn't help with the recharge rate.

Also, you can vote with less than 100% even if you don't have 482SP

Check how to vote without burning Voting power <a href""> read a post

RESTEEMED- Thanks for the article. Makes things really clear.

Great guide ! Thanks, upvoted, resteemed :)

Resteemed! Thanks for taking the time out to explain1 Am still learning!

This is key information, specially for all the new folks coming in. Resteemed.

Whoohoo! Thanks!

Resteemed. This information golden! Thank you for the info and insight.

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Really helpful post. Resteemed. Thank you, @scrooger.

Thanks! Glad it helped!


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Thanks mate! Love the picture! Hahaha

it was a pleasure @scrooger!!! regards!!

Didn't see a resteem from you though... Taking your word for it.

Resteemed. Super insightful. Thanks! :)

You are very welcome and thanks for the resteem!

A great and simple summation. Thanks

I resteemed cause I'm a newbie and need this info...most likely anyone looking at me is new too...i suppose...but what do I know...i haven't even "introduced" myself yet.

Introduction is key! work hard on that post and welcome to Steemit!


Thanks for this information, is very important for the new Steemits.

I agree! They need to know, feel sorry for some new Steemians who just blow their upvotes so fast

Well, Many enter here without knowing how it works, but we still try and people like you, make it easier to work with your help.

Thanks, I try to help where I can. I have been inviting many friends so the question they ask challenge me to answer them. Then when I feel confident enough, I post about it. Happy that this post gets picked up by some of the newer users.

And it does, only that there are still words that do not know their meaning in the page and they complicate the things. But with these posts one is learning little by little and in what he can be helping others, that is the idea.

Resteemed, great guide!

Good teaching.

Much appreciated! =)

Resteemed. Good information!!


resteemed! and a big thank you as well. i found this post VERY helpful :)

Super stoked it helped mate!

Resteemed because I honestly didn't know and thought maybe others may not know. Useful info!

Also, you can vote with less than 100% even if you don't have 482SP

Check how to vote without burning Voting power <a href""> read a post

resteemed, this is some good info I needed to read. I'm slowing learning about this complicated system. thank you for teaching.

Thank you for reading. Hope it helps! Have fun on here!

Great post. Now I understand it a little better. 11 posts and recharge. Check to see if your voting power falls below 80% and pause if it does. Thanks pal.

Also, you can vote with less than 100% even if you don't have 482SP

Check how to vote without burning Voting power <a href""> read a post

Perfect! Vote until you hit 80% then take a break

Resteemed, this has been quite informative for someone so new as I. Thank you for sharing @scrooger

You are most welcome! Enjoy and have fun here!

I´m sorry friend I forgot to resteem, It was my mistake!!!

No worries mate! thought you might have forgotten, was waiting to see if you will notice and come back. Glad you did!

Thanks my friend be blessed and happy!!!

Great explanation. I am glad I found this. I have been googling the last hour trying to figure this out with the voting and steem power. I am new here. I did use a vote on this tho. I am re-steeming this post and following you.

Awesome! Thanks for reading and appreciating the content. glad it could help. I have some other guides in my channel too if you want to check them out!

Yes I will check them out. I am trying to figure out the 2 links you had posted about finding steem power. I seem to understand steem now better than steemd

Thank you for telling me that, the info was difficult to find

You are most welcome. The info is all around us but searching for it can be a bit of a pain. I'm glad this post reached a lot of people. Thanks mate

If only this had come out a day earlier 😢

great info...Resteemed and followed. Follow me back

nice to know!
i also resteemed!

Wow! Thanks! Appreciate it! Welcome and let me know if there are any questions you might need answers for. I will try my best to help! Thanks!

Phenomenal write up, gives us noobs a great guide to voting.

Appreciate that it is getting noticed by some of the newer users!

A wiseman learns from others, and is humble enough to know that he does not know it all. I am grateful immensely for your efforts in educating us and showing us the light within this path. I will take your advice to heart, thank you!

Great to hear it mate! The irony of this all is, most readers after they read this, they don't always upvote. I don't mind though. The newer users needs to learn the ropes too! You have a great attitude! Following

Thank You kind sir, will follow you back! Blessings to you and yours, I will look forward to reading and responding to more of your blogs.

@scrooger good info, I like the 80% rule and 11 upvotes gotta keep it constant.

Glad it could help! Have a good one mate!

nice :)

Sweet! ;)

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Hi scrooger. Thank you for the good info! This is my first entry on steemit. I clicked the arrow by the dollar sign and the arrow by the votes... not sure if it gave you any benefit? From reading some of the responses it looks like some things have changed... but I will give it a shot and learn as I go... You can't learn to swim without getting wet, right? Cheers!

Awesome! Glad you are learning as you go! Best way to do it! Remember not to vote on anything older than 7 days. Will only waste your voting power and not benefit anyone. =)

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Your reply is less than 7 right? He-he... Just kidding. Sincerely, I am glad to have connected with you... look forward to your posts. MBoydie

Reply is less than 7 ;-) Thanks, I have some other guides that might help. If you check my feed, scroll down past the games and look for the guide related posts.. =) nice to have met you on here. =)

Thanks for the great information! I am resteeming this now.

You are most welcome!

Good analogy.

Thanks dude! Find that some of the newer users understand it easier that way.

Thanks for the great post! I'm a newbie from Hawaii so the only punch I have is Fruit Punch! It's a drink. Cheers mate! Oh, and I'm at 65.5%. ; ( But I'll put you on my "must stalk"(personal favorites) list.

Some fruit punch sounds great right about now! You are most welcome and happy to help! Post some cool stuff from Hawaii, followed.

Awesome post! First off thank you for this info I was thinking about some of the questions you mentioned like what is my voting power level at, and a general up voting strategy so I don't over vote as a beginner and dilute what little voting power I have starting out.I am trying to absorb all this new info like a sponge. Definitely up voted this and following so I can learn more.

Glad this was helpful to you! There is quite a learning curve to Steemit, you will get used to it all soon enough.

Another tip: Never upvote a post older than 7 days. The payout has been reached and you are only wasting your voting power.

If you can do me a solid and upvote this post though that would be awesome! It's for a game I am playing with another player, most upvotes win and I am currently behind. =P

Pretty please and thank you!

P.S. I will upvote this comment for you =)

you are welcome . up voted.

Great article , Also i would suggest to use the esteem app , which shows voting power in the menu

I have written an article , hope it helps

Awesome! Yes I use esteem app all the time. It's very useful for replying to comments on the go


Most welcome friend!

Nice analogy and well written. This will help a lot of new comers (myself included) to understand the importance of their voting power. Thanks.

Most welcome mate! I have received a lot of feedback from this post. I'm stoked that people are understanding this. Thanks and have a good day.

reestemed :)

guess what buddy @scrooger you just got a follow plus an upvote when my power is 100% you are the first upvoted person .. please read my posts and upvote it too XD.

Awesome! Ultimate user guide status. Thank you for this link, it's just what I needed.

If all I do all day is upvote my own posts, is it still best to only upvote 11x per day. (Not that I do this! I upvote other's posts. Just asking to help figure out how all this really works.)

If you want to make money like that it would be better upvoting the bigger players early when they launch their posts. More money that way.


okie dokie I understand Ill make a list on who I will give my votes to everyday 11 eh? so what happen if I use it all up? In one day? All i gotta do is wait 24 hours to get to 100% If i make money or not, honestly I dont really give a darn, it's a great way to meet and read post I like. the problem is , i like all of them i go to lmao1 HeHe! aloha al

It recharges at around 20% a day. So 5 days for 100%. Nothing bad will happen if you use all of them.

You make money from Upvoting a post. The more value you add to the post the bigger your potential reward.

With very low voting power you just earn less and give the writer less.

Heck i think I voted like over 20 vote easily and resteem about 10x lmao! Man, I must be really low! that's only tonight! lol Ok Ok Ill takeit seriously and watch myself. ok, what you gotta do is update me everyday on how my vote power is and I'll upvote you evryday and resteem you whatever that is everyday! lol good deal? aloha Al

Haha I could do that, or you could go here: and type your name in the top right. It will show you your voting power =)

Thanks for the support though =)

I just saw my steem vote Omg I'm like downhill lmao! Het Im trying to transfer from Poloneix some Steem, but it's still disabled. Which wallet do I use to transfer it? Does it make sense to transfer Steem to my wallet here?

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Whoa! Stop! No no no. Steem and Voting Power is not the same. You don't need to transfer anything. Your Voting power will regenerate just give it some time.

well i have a lot of steem coin at Poloneix and i dont have any wallet to put it into! I tried transferring it into myledger wallet but it wont work. Right now My steem is sitting at Poloneix. I thought that the wallet i have here is a steem wallet? duh!

It is a steem wallet. I know Poloneix had some issues in the past when it comes to steem. I would suggest going to your wallet here on Steem > click one Steem > Buy

This will open a new window From there select STEEM on your RIGHT and then you can generate address to deposit to

this is what i have What i do with it?? lmao!
0.000 STEEM
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.Part of your STEEM POWER is currently delegated to you. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on steemit. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
4.336 STEEM
(+27.553 STEEM)
Tokens worth about $1.00 of STEEM, currently collecting 0% APR.
Balance subject to 3 day withdraw waiting period, STEEM Dollars currently collecting 0% APR.
0.000 STEEM
Estimated Account Value
The estimated value is based on an average value of Steem in US dollars.
38 minutes ago Receive interest of 0.000 SBD
38 minutes ago Receive 0.001 SBD from bottymcbotface Welcome to Steem, remember me when you are rich :]
yesterday Claim rewards: 6.842 SBD and 3.836 STEEM POWER

Thank you for the info!!!

Always a pleasure!

Very usefull post scrooger52. Thanks for informing us.Vpvoting was a issue for me, reading this gave me a better understanding

Awesome! Glad it helps. Have a great day mate!

Did you know if you up vote your own posts and comments . you can make even more steem. wow what a hack! thanks for the info Jerry Banfield.