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RE: Pimp Your Post with this Simple Cheat Sheet! Just COPY and PASTE!

in #howto4 years ago

This post is cool!  I upvoted and resteemed at once.  

I resteem it so that I can access it earily from my blog, even thought there is suggestions to use bookmark function.  More importantly is I believe my followers will be benefited by this post.

Downloaded the cheat sheet file, look like I will change the way I create my posts from now on. 

Thank you @scrooger!


You are most welcome and thank you for the resteem! Are you using the eSteem app? How is it?

Yes, I am using eSteem apps on iPad, iPhone and Windows desktop as well. It is convenient and easy to use IF it works properly. Problem is eSteem still have lots of bugs :
-- picture upload functions failed with high frequency. I still don't know why it fails. for me it is just by chance, sometime works sometime no.
-- post listing not refreshed sometime
-- order of posts in the list inconsistent among all the versions and Steemit, so it make you think some posts were missing but they were actually located at different location
-- on Windows desktop version there is no edit function available for comments and replies which is available on iOS versions.

Still working with eSteem and I am posting feedback to the developer from time to time

Oh my I see it still has loads of work. But pretty good so far. I will use it just to quickly check on posts. Question. How do you get those votes from your comments? I see they are on all your comments. Interesring. Is it from the app?

I can see you got the same votes too, so you should know where they come from now. :D
Keep using eSteem and try to give some feedbacks by #esteem-feedback tag. I would like to contribute to it and eventually we will be benefited as well.

Oh I see it is from the app. Wow cool!

I will give feedback from time to time when I see some problems

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