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RE: Pimp Your Post with this Simple Cheat Sheet! Just COPY and PASTE!

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Everyone on Steemit should bookmark your post. It is not a post. It is a resource that I personally know I will be returning to again and again.
Excellent Job!


How to bookmark a post, or it's not on mobile browser.

If I could upvote this response twice, I would! Hehehe

i just upvoted it cant get the smile out of ma face :))

I know right! Hehehe, have a good one mate!

Hmmm... Just look for bookmark in your browser

Yes,yes i know that...but while ago i wrote a post suggesting a bookmark button or favorite's integrated in steemit .so my mined was blocked &.i asked a q liked that,which shows you i liked the post so you can up vote me twice.

I also wish there was a bookmark certain post button. Let's hope it's a feature we can get later.

I also wish for reddit functionality to save/bookmark posts.

Dude! Thanks mate! I'm humbled by the response im getting! It was even the first time I promotod my post so happy it could be of use to some of you! Thanks!