How-to "Singing Bowls" / Klangschalen (video by @schamangerbert)

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Today I show the different techniques of singing bowls:

  • What you should consider when buying them,
  • how they are struck
  • how to make them sing
  • and a special overtone technique.

(image CC0)

Heute zeige ich die verschiedenen Techniken der Klangschalen:

  • Was man bei der Anschaffung beachten sollte,
  • wie sie angeschlagen werden,
  • wie man sie zum singen bringt
  • und eine spezielle Obertontechnik.

HowTo video 8 minutes:

Example / Beispiel:

Shaman Knowledge : Singing Bowls - Ether Gold Trance
Schamanenwissen : Klangschalen - Äther Gold Tance


Bitte unterstütze @felixxx und @pharesim als witness der deutschen Gemeinschaft mit Deiner Stimme:

Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

Original content by @schamangerbert

Schaman GerbertIMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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oh dear captain , i feel like i was in a temple listening to the sound , you're right we really need patence on playing with the bowl, once you struck it the sound lasts long ,

And the bowls look very classic , i got to know another bew about you , bowls small medium and large hehe

Thanks for sharing this captain , and hey! you look awesome in your beard 😍

aye! captain!❤️❤️❤️

Such a wonderful videography by @ schamangerbert sir...
Actually I'm new comer to in this great platform...
Followed you now.....I'm become ur fan...and I'm always try visit ur blog everyday...

solche Klangschalen kenne ich. Die werden auch von Hand gemacht. Früher hatte ich mal eine reportage gesehen, wie sie aus Ölfässern sogar welche bauen. Sehr aufwändig und lange wird daran gearbeitet. Toll

I wish I could play on singing bowls but I already play 2 instruments, Violin and piano !!! Great video !

@schamangerbert wow nice post

Very nice methods.I appreciate that.And this blog is really amazing for me.I learn to Singing Bowls technique.
keep it up

I really liked this video friend. The sound of the bowls seems impressive to me. I was somewhat missing because I had problems with the internet. I leave you my vote. Greetings.

Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge with us! Your bowls are very big and beautiful. Did you found them during your travel overseas?
They make very nice sounds when they are played together!

@schmangerbert This is so amazing, whenever i go to buy i follow these steps now thank you.

this is wonderfully done great video super cool :D

@schamangerbert ..... your post is so..... beautiful. espically your bowl set is so nice i like it. thanks for share

I love the way you decorated the room. I love the sound. It makes all my body vibrate with it. I feel that I have to close my eyes and relax.

Thanks for the tutorial

They produce unique sounds.
A singing bowl is positively filled with a musical instrument.
Many thanks dear @schamangerbert for sharing!