Shaman Knowledge : Singing Bowls - Ether Gold Trance / Schamanenwissen : Klangschalen - Äther Gold Tance (music by @schamangerbert)

in trance •  last year

Dear Steemians! / Liebe Steemians!


Listening to this music will get you in touch with the infinite boundaries. The ether is considered a symbol of the zero point energy, gold as a Chinese element represents the divinity in the water, which you can best imagine when you look at the surface of a cup of tea. Close your eyes and listen to the music of the stars.

You may write your "travel" in the comments.

Das Hören dieses Stückes wird dich in Kontakt mit den unendlichen Weiten bringen. Der Äther gilt als Symbol für die Nullpunktenergie, Gold als ein chinesisches Element steht für die Göttlichkeit im Wasser, was du dir am besten vorstellen kannst wenn du die Oberfläche einer Tasse Tee betrachtest. Schließe die Augen und lausche der Musik der Sterne.

Gerne kannst du deine "Reise" in die Kommentare schreiben.

Video 5 minutes

Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

Schaman GerbertIMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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"Listening to this music will get you in touch with the infinite boundaries"
Its absolutely true and I agree with your content you shared from this blog.
Real Chinese music you sharing. Its very valuable for mind relaxation and meditation.
Thank you for share better post captain.
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whoaaa! another mind blowing piece of music!
never heard it before! beautiful, really relaxing...

Chinese music with use Chinese element, its always bring their traditional situation. I heard your music. Its very well hear with alone in the silence environment. So cool and calm. I have heard before chinese music. Its really classic and relax. They are use natural noises for it.
My pleasure for sharing great music @schamngerbert.
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Wow it's a great music experience! "music will get you in touch with the infinite boundaries" Yeah that's how it felt me! Great experience and thanks for sharing friend!


Thank you. I love your videos :)

Very soothing...

I listened to this music as a background filter while working.

As with all meditative-type music I had to consciously emerge from the silent existence these sounds create.

Many thanks for sharing!


Klangschalen ist ja nicht jedermans Sache, aber ich ich mag die beruhigende Wirkung dieser Töne sehr.

Harika eserler bunlar, bunlar çok değerli antikalar sanırım. 🤗

Just listened to that and it was nice :)

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