[Getting Organized] how to Resteem and WHY?

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This Resteem is like The "SECRET WEAPON" on the steemit.com Platform.

Similar to a Retweet on Twitters Platform or App.

Resteeming a post that you like or enjoyed or want to show up on your blog INSTANTLY goes out to ALL your FOLLOWERS!!!

I repeat...




It shows up in their Feeds with YOUR name above the title showing who "Resteemed by" the post.

So the WHY you want to Resteem your favorite post and SHARE them with your FOLLOWERS which would BENEFIT from MORE votes and possibly MORE exposure and MORE Resteems.

Try it!

This "SECRET WEAPON" is HIDDEN at the bottom of the post with a funky little Rectangular Arrow next to "Reply".

*bonus extra 3cents if you comment below and mention that...You have lately been RESTEEMED in THIRDS by Frank III


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@cassidyandfranks, buena informacion, te dejo mi voto y reesteem.


Thanks for the valuable information ^-

Omg... Great info, @cassidyandfranks! I, too, am a huge advocate of the Resteem. I like to let others know what I find interesting (in some way, shape or form🤗).
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@cassidyandfranks... Thank You 4 sharing this post... am 14 days new & still learning like a "thristy sponge" !!

Not sure if I've been resteemed in thirds, but I noticed You mentioned this to @sufermarly and I'm guessing it really works. @sufermarly is doing very on Steemit and creates really enjoyable videos from the Canary Islands.

UpVoted & ReSteemed... and Thank You again for sharing Your knowledge !!!

       ~~~ STEEM On !!! ~~~

Thanks for this informations !

Thank you for the useful tips.

So if I resteem something I get the votes from it?

When you resteem others content, you participate in a percentage of the curation pool that the post you resteemed has accumulated. The curation pool is a varyng percentage of the total upvote for each post. Authors (that's those that create posts) get the largest portion of the rewards pool because THEY make Steemit. Curation is very popular also because of the curation rewards pool for each post created. Simple guideline if you like what you see/read/hear/watch...upvote and at least think about resteeming.

No you don't get the votes from it.

You share the post to your 202 followers so HOPEFULLY they will vote on that post.

So you really cannot Resteem your own post. Only other peoples.

ok gotcha. Thanks!

My pleasure @ma1neevent

Here is more helpful information for newcomers.


Thanks for the tip

Your welcome

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Great post! I appreciate what you are doing for us new people. I have only been on Steemit for 3 weeks. This is my latest article: https://steemit.com/silver/@jdawg/the-most-under-valued-asset-in-the-world

Thank you, Frank! I appreciate the support. It is really giving me confidence in my writings.

Hey @jdawg

Picture an additional EXTRA 0 (zero) next to your TOTAL$.

I know it's hard to believe right now, but the way this cryptographic algorithmic mathematics is working...

Just have fun and add a photo to MOST if not ALL of your post so as WE all SCROLL through OUR feeds IT will CATCH our ATTENTION quicker.



Thanks for the tip! I did on my last article. I had trouble getting pics to upload the first time around. lol

No problem. A lot of users use tablets and phones (small devices) and PHOTOS usually slows their SCROLL...

Resteemed and followed! I have lately been
Resteemed in thirds by frank III

Interesting! Nice! I upvoted you!

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