How to Convert Long Url into Short One

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In this post, I have the tutorial for you guys in which I will tell you that how you can make your long url into short one!

Through this tutorial I want to solve this serious issue that we are facing while mentioning about the url of the image or any links when we have to mention it on the post,any article or sending it to anybody that where we have actually taken this material. But sometimes the url is too big like it covers the half page or 4 to 5 lines. It seriously big url to post on the article or to send it anyone.

So for today I'm gonna tell you how you are able to make this long url into small one url which is easy to mention at anywhere and your source mentioning problem will also solve through this short and simple trick.

By the way I'm also face this problem so that I took this step to inform all those who are also facing this issue.

This lecture is delivered on steemit and youtube, you can ask any query or question in the Discord Channel of "Rainbow Warriors"

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So let's get started!

Here is the image of my university part!

source image:

As you can see this source url cover two lines and its really big and cover space as well.

Now first thing to do is to copy this long url and follow the following instruction!

Go to the!

This is the homepage of the

Now 2nd step is to login or signup!

I have already account so I login with facebook and continue the following procedure.

After it This page will appear!

paste your long url here and it will convert into short url within one second.

See the short url of the image!

here is the short url that is created!


If you want further details about this you are most welcome I will provide you what you are looking for :)

I'm here at your services! O:)

Steps to do!

  • First open the new page.
  • Copy the url of anything that you convert into small.
  • Go to the
  • Now sign or signup into the bitly.
  • Now after sign paste the long url.
  • Within a second short url is produce.
  • Now copy the short url.
  • Paste it or mention it anywhere you want it.


  • copy the exact url
  • Must login or signup

Hope you guys like this short and very easy trick while shortner the long url into smart url that cover less space and save you time as well and easy to put anywhere in the articles or in the post or to send it anyone

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Please share your valuable feedback about this post. So in future, I will make better as I can. Thanks for your precious time to reading this post

Regards: Aqib Ashiq
CEO of "Graphics Channel, Rainbow Warriors, Cross Technology"

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A very good way, a shorter url is definitely more convenient to use

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Very helpful thanks...

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very useful and worth to know, thanks to share @aqib-ashiq

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