Rays of Hope ( +SteemMag's Re-birth and a design competition)

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It probably sounds like a broken record but phew! It feels so nice to write again. The past one month has been filled with all kinds of events and it’s kinda awesome making a post after the break. To all who asked me when was my next post, you guys rock! I can’t really say why I've been at war with the muse but like a close friend will say, c’est la vie.

So many things have happened and it’s surreal reflecting on the conditions people live in all over the world.

If there’s a score list for species, human beings won’t probably get a pass mark right now. There’s so much sad news happening around us.

Our Hearts Are With Them


Exactly 16 Years Ago, the world stood still when some evil elements caused the death of almost 3000 people in the US. The wise ones know there was more to the event than we were told. But what mattered was the untold suffering placed on thousands of innocent people. The after-effects of the twin attacks still linger on.

It’s particularly saddening that that day’s event has led to even more heart-wrenching events all over the world.

To the millions of innocent unborn, babies, children, young adults, old men, and women who were and are still being murdered heartlessly in cold blood by oppressive forces all over the world.

Our hearts are with you.

The past one month has witnessed nature's rage also. It’s so saddening to know that a lot of these disasters were aggravated by man-made pollution. Yet, we have people who still don’t believe in climate change!

To the victims of Hurricane Irma, California fires and other natural disasters – our hearts are with you too! ;(

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

Of course, it would be unfair to think there’s nothing good in the world again. It’s up to us to infuse happiness into our personal lives, our loved ones and that of our neighbors.

Chin up!

SteemMag – A Kinda Rebirth ;)

Like many of you know, I've been running SteemMag (Steemit’s Weekend Digest) for over a year now and it’s been wonderful so far. But as with every other personal endeavor, it suffers when life gets in the way.

For the past few days, I've been working on ensuring a more consistent publishing schedule.


Because I believe that as thousands of new Steemians join us, there is no better coverage of Steemit’s history than SteemMag. And this I hope to preserve and continue.

SteemMag has over the months beautifully captured the growing pains, leaps and bounds, key actors of Steemit and the Steem Blockchain at large.

Want to know the history of quality contents and spam fighting on Steemit, here’s a perfect throwback . The Lazlo of Steem? Early Whales and Dolphins, the origin of Busy.org and ChainBB? Happenings on Steemit last year September? Earliest supporters of Steem like @bittrex and blocktrades?

Going through the previous editions of SteemMag is like a walk through the museum of Steemit.

And there will be so much more exciting editions in the future.

Two Things

I. I use a ready template of SteemMag’s cover on Canva like this one -

It would be awesome to change this and I will be giving a total of 200 steem which is to be split between the top 3 (editable) cover submissions.

If you’re interested, please drop your designs as a comment below.

II. I’ve got lots of topics to cover in future SteemMag editions from now until the end of the year. But I would love more.

Is there a Steem-based tool you like? A favorite Steemian? Or a favorite community effort you would like to see on SteemMag.

Please make a comment on below. Would love to hear from you as I would be upvoting all comments. [except spam of course, lol ;) ]

Don’t wanna miss future updates. Do give me @infovore and @steem-mag a follow.


Hello @infovore,
I´ve spend some time on a possible SteemMag Design, which is fully customizable in an easy way in every single Aspect :)

Oh and the best about it is, that it actually fits the Steemit Cover Picture, so that you will see everything in the Post list instead of just the Top of your Frontpage.

To show you what I´ve created you may find 4 different Styles below, which are all based on the same Layout.

I hope you like it & if you got further questions or would like to get another example according to your imagination, then please let me know via Steemit.Chat :)


This is lovely. Can you drop by Steemit.chat?

Really nice design love them all.

Hi @infovore, here is my design cover.
Don't know how to attach the editable soft copy. But can send it throuh mail if you need it.

I hope mine is not coming late. Thank you.

I love this. Thanks for taking the time to design this ,🌷😉😍

Thank you @infovore. Glad you love it.

Our prayers are with the family and victims of 9/11. The Hurricane irma in Florida, the earthquake in Mexico are all reminder that we are living in an ephemeral world.

I would like to see two community effort on SteemMag, (The African community and the Spanish(cervantes) community). The two communities have done exceptionally well and supported alot of steemians. It good to read your blog again.

Thanks for the tip. Will try to incorporate it into the content schedule for SteemMag.

That will be encouraging to the steemit community at large and in particular, the mentioned community. Thanks.

The event of 9/11 was indeed a sad one and the departed ones will continue to be remembered. We can only pray and hope tragedy of this nature and others never happen again.

Welcome back, @infovore. Find below my design submissions. First variation is a portrait mag style. The white space in the footer is meant to accommodate the text titles of each articles as shown below. The text can be placed and designed any way. Pictures can also come in.

And this is the landscape variation. Just in a bid to balance things up. The bottom right was chosen as the text area. Transparent shape was created to enable it.

I hope you liked it.

This looks great .

I'm glad that you have returned to make another post. However, with great times comes sorrow and despair. Rest In Peace to all that died and my prayers and condolences go out to all their families.

I've never looked at it from that perspective but potentially millions of human beings were killed from that one sickening attack. I do agree that what we are told may not be a reality but I don't know how they can come to terms with killing generations of people.

It seems like to many people climate change isn't a big problem. Rather than thinking about the future, they think about now and their own gain. I try to practice what I preach and be conservative with my electrical uses and minimising my carbon footprint but you still have those that exist that don't mind driving their gas glugging hummers.

Mother Nature tries to warn us with these hurricanes and floods but people turn a blind eye. I guess some may learn too late. When we can't revert our damages. Hopefully as we learn how to terraform planets like Mars we can repair our own.

It has been a long time since you have made a post. It doesn't feel as if it was two months ago but I guess that goes to show how quickly time goes. It also makes me wonder how I have been able to make a post everyday for the last few months and not fall behind haha. I hope you have a great day @infovore

It is great to see how you are trying to give exposure to those on steemit whether it may be a user or group. It is one of the hardest things to gain and I bet you have revolutionised some peoples lives with your initiative. If I do get any free time I'll have a go at making a cover but I think my job will get in the way haha

@arckrai i agree with you lets save our planet, global warming is the biggest problem right now..

let us help our mother earth to recover
the ice's slowly melting on the north pole

the water slowly rising on each day.
let's minimize the population

let have green life by recycling our plastics
hope our society make move before its to late.
this is not on our-self but in the new generation to come
,so that they will drink fresh water and breath fresh air.

help me on this advocacy, with this poem i wrote..
follow me back as will @arckra and @infovore


Thanks for the good wishes. The world needs all of that now.
You're right. It's so appalling that a set of people can feel comfortable killing millions of humans like them just to achieve a selfish goal.
I do admire your desire to practice what you preach. So many people complain about climate change while doing literally nothing about it.
Consistency is like going to the gym. At first, its pretty difficult and soul draining. After a while, one feels so good hopping to the gym and shaping those muscles. I guess you've won the inner resistance, keep pushing!
In all, really appreciate you taking the time to drop a well thought out comment here. Do have a splendid day too,

9/11 VICTIMS rip

Good to see you back at it! I was wondering where the boat had went?!

Namaste :)

Lol. The boat is back! Maybe ;)

@infovore @eric-boucher @arckrai i have a poem to share with you guys, t

his is my advocacy hoping for your kindness and your time..


Wow..it really good reading your post after some months. Thanks for reminding the world of the Sept 11 incident, how time flies its been 16 years already. May the souls of the dead continue to rest in the bossom of his grace.

Please do ensure you make a more consistent publishing schedule because personally I want to learn some history of Steemit.

Thanks for dropping by, bro. Will try to keep a consistent schedule. Not easy though.

Hoping you do bro. Yh its not easy.

A variation of my previous draft:

Hello @infovore

It's been a while, but welcome back.

And yes I concur with what you said, SteemMag was always complete.

In answer to the contest, I will be designing a magazine cover for Steem Mag and I will share it here tomorrow.

In answer to the second, there are new tools on steemit like mangosteem by @mynameisbrian. D tube by @heimindanger and also D Sound.

There is also a new contest by @progressivechef called Steemit Iron Chef you will like to check it. It is the most interesting contest on Steemit so far.



Many events in the likes of

'Exactly 16 Years Ago, the world stood still when some evil elements caused the death of almost 3000 people in the US. The wise ones know there was more to the event than we were told. But what mattered was the untold suffering placed on thousands of innocent people. The after-effects of the twin attacks still linger on.' as stated by you,

are seen all over the world rendering the lives of many unbearable.
It requires that every great mind and great thinker who has good conscience and who values live of all, irrespective of race, sex and age to come up with ideas that can revert the effect of those actions. There are many ways this can be done. In that line of thought STEEMIT has brought this idea where the entire world ( who wishes) could make an income with the natural instinct and endowment.
As people of like minds, in appreciating the work of STEEMIT I want to contribute to making lives meaningful by teaching every willing audience skill or ways of generating income. So, everyone who is willing can look for tags like SKILL, LEARN AND KNOWLEDGE to study for other ways to general money so that suffering may be reduces drastically if not eradicated completely.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Empowering people through Steemit is a great way of not only making a positive impact in the society but also riding it of social ills.

These two months realises us that time comes to reunite humanity...because we r the human being ,whose unity can supress any kind of disester....natural as well man made....we all should unitely hold tight our hand to fight all evil forces

You are a big inspiration to many. Looking forward to the mag.

Great idea of that magazine. I am a newbie and still in the process of discovering the potential of steemit, thats why I am alwys thankful for such helpful insights.

Here is one of my designs:

Thanks for this. Will select one before the end of the week

@infovore - As a relative newcomer to Steemit platform, I had missed out the excitement during the early phases of Steemit development. A Steemmag, therefore, is a godsend for people like me to understand the rich heritage of Steemit along with getting a flavor of thinking styles of Steemians, updates on community efforts etc.
Since I am passionate about wildlife awareness and spreading the word on conservation of habitats (as you can see from my blogs in general), I would love to see Steemmag cover some articles on those topics perhaps if Steemit community supports those kind of projects or at least, helps spread the awareness by reproducing article extracts etc. Just my two cents ...
Thanks for all your effort in creating Steemmag - a community bonding tool'. Upvoted.


Interesting. Welcome to Steemit! I'm pretty sure there are lotta exciting event in the future so you've not missed much. Thanks for the compliment. Will check out like the "wildlife awareness articles" and see if they are good fit.

Thank you for your encouraging words. I look forward to your blogs and your comments. I am sure we will see some interesting things in upcoming Steemmag.

Really nice reading you post. I am like a new born baby here on steemit not knowing much difference between my left and right but i believe the steem-mag will go a long way to educate me...

Secondly, as for the 9/11 victims, i know many hearts broken on that day will never mend... but yet, we have to pick up the pieces and move forward without asking more questions that need to be answered. Lets live for our lost loved ones.

Finally, i will see that i can out in in-regards to the steem-mag cover.

Good work! Keep it up.

@infovore It's been a while now ever since i saw your posts but today i'm happy to see you back
I'll be making some designs soon

Looking forward to seeing your designs

Finally , I can comment on your latest post. My heart/prayers goes to the families of those affected by the natural disasters and the 9/11 horror.

Good to finally have you back, its an honour having to see your upvotes on my posts. Thank you so much, I am glued at reading from you, I hope you won't go on another break. Welcome.

Haha! I hope not. Thanks for dropping, sis

You're welcome bro, never knew you're Igbo.

Not one oo.. just like languages

Thanks for this article. I still remember the moment I saw on TV the first plane crashing into the tower. We cannot really control natural disaster, but human evil is in our hands. One month seems enough to recharge.. . Welcome back!

Thanks for the warm welcome. It was an horrible event. One I pray never happens again.

I am new here so I really don't have much to say.
Buy I hope I stay up to see what the next mags would look like. I doubt it to be boring. I wish I could do a little design I would have done one with every ounce of creativity for free just to support.

It's OK. I promise future editions are gonna be nice.

@infovore i have a beautiful poem share with you it about a man need to be love and be love, this poem is based on my real life experience.
hope you will give your precious time to read..https://steemit.com/poetry/@mrblu/orig-poetry-3-i-need-to-love-and-be-love-by-mrblu

Thanks for your vote, without it, it might have taken a long time before I ran across you and your steem-mag. I did not know it existed, or if I did I had completely forgot about it. Look forward to doing some back reading. Thanks again.

It is good to have you back, can't wait to read more awesome articles from you and SteemMag as usual.

My heart goes to the victims of hurricane irma and not forgetting 9/11, may they find rest. I'm equally afraid for Africa because most people doesn't believe in climate change and that's why there are so many activities that could put us to a greater risk of natural disaster

Great to read your post after such a long time; if everyone here was behaving like you, may be I would have blogged longer here.. Now I think it is worthless being here.

I make posts that no one gets to see because I do not have the required steem power to make my post trend. For the first time since I joined, I put my little 1000SP on power down.

All the best.

I understand your concerns. A little patience and you just might get what you want. I went through your blog and it needs a bit more effort. Hit me on Steemit.chat. Let's talk better. Remember, rubbishing a platform you aim to gain from aint that cool.

The mountain scenery is very beautiful, visible light illuminates the earth, perfect shooting method. @infovore

@infovore, feels so good to read your post again after such a long time. Of course ,climate change is more than real. And has continued to show it ugly head in many respect in our everyday life. I think the world leaders either have to wake up or we perish (God forbid).

Not away of your weekend digest as I am relatively new but will be on the look out for it.

Welcome back.


Thanks for the warm welcome. Really glad to have you drop by . You're right. We've found ourselves in a dangerous situation. We need to act fast before we get pulled under.

Well there almost wouldn't be any progress for me without steemnow.com and the one and only @penguinpablo.

Glad to see you are back, I always enjoyed the Mag!

Thanks bud. Its really nice to still see you here. I believe SteemMag has an issue covering Steemnow in the past. Really useful tool.

Hi @infovore! I'm super new to Steemit and just getting around to reading the archives of the Steemit mag! I am loving it it is such a blessing for us newbies to see the history you have compiled thank you! I am a photographer and designer by trade I am going to try to work on some cover ideas tonight! Collaboration and sharing seems to be a huge part of the community and I'm really happy I joined. All the best and thank you again!

Thanks for dropping by. Sure you're going to have a great time on Steemit. So many people of diverse interests to connect with. I will be looking forward to your cover designs.

It's very tragic .. natural disasters are unpredictable..comes without knocking in our doors and we are not prepared to face them.

Have waited for this
Good to see you writing
R.i.p to those affected by the disasters and 9/11
Well done boss

Thanks bro! Thanks for dropping by

you are welcome boss

i have a perfect poem shared to you guys, the post of @dontryme2..

lets help to recover our mother nature before it's too late. this is also related on the topic..a voice of a poet person change everything..

i join his advocacy,lets join him to save the mother earth.
now this is his post..i restem it already


Nice poem. Thanks for the share.

i love your article @infovore..

the series of forest fire is very dangerous,specially on the villagers or the nearest community,let's pray for the safety on the said incident,
its time to help mother nature by planting trees.
lets help to mother earth to recover,,

we need to be aware the global warming and the natural calamity happen on our world today..

many people lost there home,family is scattered,many lives are affected..

@infovore thanks.,sharing.have a nice day..and God bless you..and your family brother..

i give you my all out support and thumbs of upvote.

This is nice post and its has been a while that i have with all your post.proud of you as a Nigerian.

thanks for your comments,nice seen your hand.

Is there still time to enter the contest?

creativity is the greatest part of wisdom and that is reflected in you well weaved post

work very well
I love it and love to follow you
vest plz follow me @mudatnad and give me want value from esteem.t
thank you

Thanks for sharing!

Yay!!! infovore is back, time to read a lot of interesting stuffs once more

Hey there @infovore,
it´s great to see that steemmag is back to business as the content you provide on Steemit is real good :) Maybe our ways cross each other in future as @Steempaper as well aims to be one of the Magazines on the Steem Blockchain ;)

Mr infovore, I've read your posts and I must admitz I have been wanting more of that steem-mag magic , welcome back, hope this hiatus didn't affect you too much.

we always watching over your shoulders.

Great post bro ..

Welcome back

9/11 its very dark day for all the world..

Good post

Wished I had an idea but unfortunately I am not very creative in that way. I still am kinda new here only been here since the end if June 2017 but loving it so far. I just need to imorove the quality of my posts and interact more with the community (which is hard to do between work and family life). I hope to get better soon.

Nice prent
Follow my @imamal

I would like to join your contest :) what do you mean with "editable" - which format can you edit? (photoshop/indesign or does it have to be Canva?)

This is a great idea and I look forward to all the contributions :)

You have translated your topics and I have not understood much to laugh You must comment and vote for you
Thank you and cooperate with us

I thought I was waiting for this. Guess I wasn't waiting after all. You brought to our hearts what many have forgotten, thank you @infovore. Our hearts and prayers are with the families they left behind.
I wish to make a design, I hope it won't be coming too late...lol

nice one bro

I followed and upvoted.Would you like to follow !!!

@infovore Terrific write-up. Certainly This is often truth in each individual state..

A great read. Thanks

@infovore Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts..

upvoted and resteem your post @dontry me too..thanks for visiting on my page..@infovore

"The best revenge is massive success." -- Frank Sinatra

Good information and keep it up..!

We can all catch the latest gist on steemit. Hit us bro. U have gat my 100% support

I follow great leaders because I aspire to be one. The first line of a song I love to sings says "I need thee every hour..........Yes big boss I great you. Steem mentor I need like I need my favourite vegetable soup.

really a tragedy!

To all the Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irma, the earthquakes, wild fires, the floods and all other disasters triggered by human activities and man's insensitivity to his environment, my prayers are with you.
To the all the victims and those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 twin attack, and all other terrorist attacks around the globe, ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and other acts of man's inhumanity against his fellow man, my prayers also goes out to you.
Let us learn to love one another and understanding the fact that life is sacrosanct, give peace a chance then this world would be a better place.
Great reading your post.

we all know the NWO did 911 ...what planet are you from ?

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