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The objective of HoneyPod is to turn into the main hub that interfaces every one of these devices to give users unlimited oversight and security throughout the Internet association in regular day to day existence. The HoneyPod will be the main focus in your home or work environment, where you can control what take place in the Internet connection, just as monetary management, shopping, accounts, rewards and online services of friend. Blockchain innovation itself will guarantee security as well as make a more secure strategy for online installments and transactions.

The HoneyPod is a little device like the size of a palm. It directly connect wirelessly to the Internet router to block undesirable data, demands and contents at the Internet connection of your device. Unfit to identify hardware blocks so it can't stop or block.


Be that as it may, with the development of countless with access to the Internet, making us and our lives powerless, and above all uncovering pointless dangers.We all realize that with the assistance of the Internet and open access to the Internet, numerous hackers have the chance to hack into our database, utilize some secret information or far more terrible to transplant for We have another infection, which can harm our device.

In the meantime, a large number of us don't speculate that there are a wide range of things on the Internet that screen us day and night, where we are and what social systems we organize. We give it a second thought, which locales we visit, from which device, how much and nearly from which IP address. The majority of this data is gathered without us being aware of it at all.

Another critical issue of the Internet is the hype, it just trips up from where she isn't languid and frequently changes from a non-meddling commercial in customary spam. This and numerous different things make you think, and what occurs straightaway on the off chance that you can't control it?


Honeypod gives total online privacy, quicker internet speed and rewards for perusing the web. Using Honeybox, all users get an electronic currency token formed like mine dependent on their utilization of Honeypod. Through publicizing accomplices associated with the Honeypod, users will likewise get a token. Honeypod takes a shot at any device associated with the internet from the telephone to your smart TV. A Honeypod for all your in-house devices.Honeypod is equipped for being utilized as a verification system for both getting tokens and purchasing on the web services in electronic currency. Never again will you have to pull back your wallet each time you have to purchase a service, however the Honeypod is your authenticator associated with your wallet or personality.


  • Honeypod system does not require any download or application. It is intended to oblige all PCs and devices with Plug and Play systems. Indeed, even individuals without PC information can utilize this system with simple conversion.

  • Users on the Honeypod system can play out a wide range of individual settings. With the multi-layer security structure of the Honeypod system, users can enter their own user control board. Here, users control moment condition of the system can meddle with issues, for example, network traffic.

  • Users can boycott by blocking destinations they don't need. By separating content that youngsters would prefer not to achieve, users of their own sifting system will boost assurance.

  • With Honeypod, with its very own mining system, users can acquire token for their reliability. Users can gain benefits by review advertisements that Honeypod's accomplices have posted while surfing the internet.

  • Users who enter individual distinguishing proof and credit card information in the Honeypod system's own settings keep this information from being utilized by third-party software. When any site or application attempts to get to user information, the Honeypod will tell the user by notice them.

  • With fast tracking of the Honeypod system, you can see who and the site are endeavoring to get to your system by means of the client control board. Along these lines, you can see which websites or programmers are attempting to meddle with your PC.

  • Honeypod system isn't only for PCs or devices. Just systems associated with the new modem anticipate outside access to all devices from your PC to mobile telephones. Users can keep youngsters from getting to undesirable websites by adding kid lock to their different websites.

  • Internet data and treats of all users are gathered by various organizations and they pitch this data to huge promoting focuses. Honeypod prevents the collection of this data and enables users to safeguard their own data.

Token Details

Token - HNY
Type - Utility
Pre ICO Price - 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD
Price - 1 HNY = 0.05 USD
MVP/Prototype - Available
Platform - Stellar
Accepting - BTC, ETH, XLM
Minimum investment - 1,500 USD
Soft cap - 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap - 10,000,000 USD
Country - USA
White list/KYC - KYC
Restricted areas - North Korea, Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen

Click the links below for more details:
Website : https://honeypod.org

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101474.msg49392175#msg49392175

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

Telegram : https://t.me/honeypod

Written by :Favour200
Bitcointalk Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2367043

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