HonestBot Delegators got a Nice Bonus Yesterday

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Hi HonestBot users, followers and delegators, Seth speaking. I'm in the process of powering down @honestbot and transferring the money to my main account. Don't worry, I'm delegating the money right back to HonestBot, so it isn't losing any value.


The power down happened as scheduled and I totally forgot to transfer the money.

HonestBot pays out delegators by transferring all of the liquid Steem and SBD in its wallets to delegators in amounts proportional to their delegation. Usually, all of the liquid currency in the wallet is from bids. However, HonestBot makes no distinction between money earned from bids and any other money in the wallet. So my powerdown was distributed among all of the delegators.


I made a mistake and my investors benefitted from it. For my own sake, I'm going to try to make sure this doesn't happen again, but for now, I hope you all enjoy the bonus STEEM in your wallets!

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Help make HonestBot stronger through delegation. You can earn a daily profit by delegating some of your Steem Power to HonestBot.

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HonestBot is powered by @yabapmatt and @sethlinson.
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Thanks for the @honestbot update Seth. I am a major fan of honestbot. I never knew we were able to delegate to honestbot, that is great news.

Do you have anymore info on how the delegation and distribution to delegators works? Do you have a list of delegators, showing percentage delegated or is that info not disclosed by honestbot?

Glad to hear from a fan! Yes we have an incentivized delegation program and we're always looking for more people to get on board and help HonestBot grow.

There are only a handful of delegates at the moment. It's by no means anonymous since everything on the Steem blockchain is public and the daily payouts show up in the public wallets!

Payouts are directly proportional to the percentage of your delegation. For example, if your delegation represents 10% of the bot's total delegations, you will receive 10% of the daily profits.

I don't have a list of delegates with percentages on hand, but I can put that info together for you. I'll get back to you later.

The total delegations are 5158.73 Steem Power.

@yapabmatt receives 5% daily for running the bot. The remaining profits are divided proportionally to delegation percentage to these users:

@sethlinson: 4408.20 Steem Power - 85.45%
@libertymarlow: 350.32 Steem Power - 6.79%
@kenistyles: 250.06 Steem Power - 4.85%
@mychild01: 50.05 Steem Power - 0.97%
@mychild02: 50.05 Steem Power - 0.97%
@mychild03: 50.05 Steem Power - 0.97%

We used to have a couple more delegators, but it seems we've lost their support recently.

Awesome thanks for the reply Seth. I will definitely look into delegating to honestbot in the near future.

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