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HonestBot needs your help.

For the uninitiated, HonestBot is the only bid-bot on that market that guarantees a positive return-on-investment. It accomplishes this by tracking the real-time value of Steem and SBD. The bot sets a round fill limit that prevents the total amount of bids from exceeding the total value (accounting for curation fees) of HonestBot’s vote. This ensures that at the time of voting , no one will receive less than the value of their bid. Any bids that exceed this limit will be automatically returned.

But HonestBot is weak. It's upvote is only worth about $5.65 USD. This means that, accounting for curation, it can't even accept one full SBD of total bids.

The round limit is so low that we've ended up returning over 6 SBD worth of bids in the first 24 hours of operation. That's almost as much as the bot's total profit in that same time frame.

It hurts having to send back so many bids, but until the bot has more power, that's the only way it can guarantee profitability.

This is where you come in.


Like most other bots on the market, HonestBot offers an incentivized delegation program. Every delegator will receive a daily payout from HonestBot's profits that's directly proportional to the percentage of their delegation. For example, if your delegation represents 10% of the bot's total Steem Power, you will receive 10% of that day's profits.

Please consider helping this project by delegating and enjoy your share of the profits!

If you want to report abuse or if you have any questions or problems...


HonestBot is powered by @yabapmatt and @sethlinson.
If you like HonestBot,

please vote for @yabapmatt as witness.


I know, this might be totally a noob question, but how do I delegate SP to HonestBot?

The easiest way to delegate SP is through SteemConnect. Here's a handy little form that you can fill out to prep your SteemConnect link. If you don't want to use that form, you'll have to calculate the vests and create your SteemConnect link manually.

If you use the form, fill it in like so:

  • The delegator is your username
  • The delegatee is honestbot
  • The amount is obviously the amount of SP you wish to delegate to the bot.

Thanks for your interest in supporting HonestBot!

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Very honest decision!

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I don't have a great deal of SP, but would be more than happy to delegate it to Honest Bot. Is there a simple guide on how to do this anywhere?

The easiest way to delegate is through SteemConnect. I made that link for you, so you don't need to fill in the delegator or delegatee.

You will need to calculate the amount of vests you'll be delegating. Fortunately, there's simple way to do that too. Go to this Steem Vest calculator and type in the amount of Steem Power you wish to delegate. The calculator will convert that amount to vests. In the SteemConnect link I gave you above, replace "0.000000" with the vest amount you just calculated.

And that's it! You'll have to fill in your username and password, to broadcast the transaction. SteemConnect is a very trustworthy source that handles thousands of transactions on the Steem blockchain every day.

Thanks for that. Sadly, every time I try to access SteemConnect it returns an "Error
Oops! Something went wrong!" message. Hmm.

The link I gave you isn't working? Or it doesn't work when you try to sign in to broadcast it?

Very good and incentivizing approach. Is there a minimum SP limit ?

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