Homestead Photography Contest Week #13 Winners and New Theme

Another week of the Homestead Photography Contest has come to an end. In Week #13, we still did not have as many entries as before, but this could probably be attributed to the weather and lower steem prices. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who submitted and entry and has continued to support the project.

Homesteading Photography Contest - Winners.png

Now, onward to the lucky winners this week and the new theme. As a reminder the theme this week was Animals On The Homestead. This is always a real fun one to see because of all the variation of entries consisting of both wild and domestic animals. This week we had a total of 2 entries. Like I said I think this is due to some not posting on steemit, but I will continue to put on these contests as long as I keep getting entries because I have been enjoying this so much. So, now let’s move on to the winners for this week.

First place in Week #13 of the Homestead Photography Contest goes to @kiaraantonoviche. She will receive .75 SBD. If you would like to read more, her original post is located here.

Second place this week goes to @schoonercreek. They will receive .4 SBD. If you would like to read their whole post, you can find it here.

Thanks again to all of those who participated in and supported the contest this week! It is greatly appreciated! Now, we will move on to the theme for next week. Spring has sprung, but I sure would like to know where it is at. So, the theme will be How Has Your Spring Measuring Up? I know we have been getting snow, sleet, rain and clouds on our homestead as are many of you. It sure does not feel like Spring, so for this week show us how Spring has or has not fared for you. Are you getting snow, rain, or are you lucky enough to get some sun? I would like to see.

As with the other contests, 50% of the liquid sbd generated from this post will be given to the winner and 25% will go to the person who places second.

The rules are:

  1. One entry per person
  2. Upvote this post to increase the rewards for the winners (a resteem, while not required, would be greatly appreciated)
  3. Please use #homesteadphotography as one of your tags and leave a link in the comments below to make sure I do not miss your post
  4. You will have until this post pays out to get in your entries
  5. Your entry can either be made into a post or your photo can be left in the comments below

Thanks for looking and I am looking forward to seeing your submissions!

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All SBD winnings have been sent. Thanks!

Hey, I want to share this pic with you and enter the contest :)DSC05366.JPG


The rain has been hitting us hard too and has made it hard to get much done. Thanks for entering!

Woohoo thank you and congrats to @schoonercreek as well! I'll add this announcement to the WHN next Sunday to hopefully get some more participants!


Congrats and thanks! It will take some time, but I think we will get more people involved. :)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Haha I didnt even remember this contest, as usual, but it fits my recent posts theme!!