New Life And Regrowth (Homestead Photography Contest #17)

Perfectly timed for spring in the northern hemisphere comes this weeks' Homestead Photography Contest by @knowledge-seeker! I decided to post an entry with several of my favorite springtime garden specimens.

Blossoming peaches are one of the prettiest sights in spring and they herald the coming of summer days filled with bliss and juicy fruits.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves :) Even before breaking open, the peach buds' shy pink shows through.

This magically transforming curly creature is the first spring leaf of the rhubarb, beginning as a red, crumbled nut sized ball and unfurling into a huge green umbrella.

The branch tip leaves of the Lonicera caerulea (honeyberry) shelter the flower buds, clustered around the center leaf. In just a few weeks those would bloom and take fruit!

And finally, the surest sign of spring are the majestic green spears of our Connover's asparagus, along with some nettles for a delicious nettle, rice and eggs soup.

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To learn a bit more about my backstory, see my intro post. Also check out the blog of my wife and better half - Gerry.

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We are starting to get over run by asparagus on our homestead. We will probably have to start canning our soon and it will get us back into the swing of things for fall when the peaches come in. Hopefully, they won't all get eaten this time. haha! Great Job!

Wow, overrun, what's the size of your asparagus patch?? I imagine we'll need at least 3 years more of continued planting of new asparagus from seed to even get to a point where it's starting to be enough!

How do you can it, do you have a tried and true recipe?

Our patches are several years old and we started with asparagus sets that we planted. The patch consists of several rows about 50-70' long. It takes a little while, but eventually you will have it coming out of your ears!

We use a pressure canner to store most of the asparagus that we do not eat. Otherwise, we like to cook it in a skillet with some lemon juice drizzled on it as its cooking. We probably eat most of our asparagus this a way and really enjoy it.

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