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Time To Make The Syrup, Tapping Trees and Boiling Sap

in homesteading •  6 months ago 

the sap will flow when the weather is cd at night like below freezing, but warmer during the day. I think our season is uausally earlier but this year it was really cold longer than normal

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Oh, okay. i hadn't thought about it being colder longer where you are. We've had such a relatively mild winter compared to some previous ones, even though it did get below freezing, I guess I was going off of that, since we've pretty much come out of winter now. I think we can officially call it Spring, anyway. :)

Oh, yeah. Your profiles says you're in Michigan. So, you must have been in that polar vortex or whatever they called it a while back. Sounds like it still may be affecting the weather now.

Well, I learned something. Now all I need are some maple trees, right? :)