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RE: Lambing season has started on our homestead!

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I have volunteered on one homestead with sheep that were seeding and incorporating wormwood into their pastures so that the sheep could have free choice access to the plant as needed. Another farm I volunteered on saved their dried garlic scapes and included those heads broken up in their goats' grain along with seaweed when they were being milked. The idea with the garlic was to help reduce parasites. I don't know if that would apply to sheep too, but it might be worth researching.


It sounds like you volunteered on a good homestead if they are using garlic and seaweed. We have done the research and currently use these on our homestead. I makes a big difference the only thing you need to watch with sheep is copper. Not sure if the same applies for goats? The two additional items we include with the alfalfa pellets are deametacious earth and apple or pear cider vinegar with the mother. It keeps them healthy and looking good all winter long. Thanks for commenting and sharing we love to hear what others are doing so we can learn more and help our food source!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing about the DE and vinegar. I hadn't heard of those before. Did you find this info in a particular book?

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