There you are my Steemit sweetheart. Good thing you aren't here. I would surely kiss you.
@knarly327 and Pat would surely kill me too. Ha
It had to happen. Mama said there would be days like this. And my futures trading went well today too.
I may post the results of that tomorrow.
You must see me before I die. Of course, hopefully that gives us a few more years to plan.
Maybe an @rebeccaryan and @knarly327 Steemit Rally one day in the next year or two.
Thank you for all you have done to encourage me.


Here's the song I am to dedicating to you in its entirety.

Turn it way up and dance Francis! You've earned it!
Welcome to the circus!

Ha Ha That was good. I think my blood pressure went up a little. Maybe a whole lot. lol
I love your dedications. If I was as smart and as brilliant as you. I could think up something nice..
Not the "Without You" song. Even though it has it's applications at times.
Thank you thank you. See my first reply to you above.


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