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Yes, goodbye thorn tree and weeds. I have more than one thorn tree. As I have said many times. I don't like them at all.
So, we heat'em up a little. Ha
Luckily for me. There was a slight drizzle of rain the whole time of the fire.

But first, we must cut the rascal down. Do be careful. Ugly
I had already cut most of the limbs off before this photo. Oh yes. I said "ouch" a few times. lol

You can see the little stump. My faithful saw did the work. Goodbye thorn tree. A hot fire for you.

A little victory shot here for the saw. He doesn't like thorn trees either. He will chew them up.

I have carefully piled the thorn tree on the burn pile.

We need a little rain. The fire could spread if everything is dry. We wait.

And the rains came. Out with the fire starting material. Trying to beat the rain.

We continued to drag limbs to the fire.

The extra brush piles are gone now too. They were added to the fire during the light rain.

I saddens me a little that I had to burn the brush. That is always a waste. It could have been chipped up and started a "back to Eden" garden. If I continue to clear the land. I will have to get a chipper. I don't believe in waste if it can be avoided.

A couple of photos of my high tech personal equipment. Ha

One more. Highly water resistant shoes. lol
You can see it was raining as I was working. I like that. Helps to almost eliminate most of the potential for fire hazard.

Final check of the fire. It looks like our mission is accomplished. The thorn tree is gone too.
Oh, but remember. There are other thorn trees on my land. They have to be cut and burned.
Who likes thorn trees? No one I know. Ugly. Even the animals avoid them.

We post what we do on Steemit. Whether it be trading the futures. Going to the casinos. Clearing our land a little. We try to add a little each day for you to see our progress.

I trust this has been of some interest to you.
Thank you for following along with me in my daily activities.
And thank you for your upvote.



Right to $200 SBD!!!! WAY TO GO FRANCIS!!! LMFAO!

There you are my Steemit sweetheart. Good thing you aren't here. I would surely kiss you.
@knarly327 and Pat would surely kill me too. Ha
It had to happen. Mama said there would be days like this. And my futures trading went well today too.
I may post the results of that tomorrow.
You must see me before I die. Of course, hopefully that gives us a few more years to plan.
Maybe an @rebeccaryan and @knarly327 Steemit Rally one day in the next year or two.
Thank you for all you have done to encourage me.


Here's the song I am to dedicating to you in its entirety.

Turn it way up and dance Francis! You've earned it!
Welcome to the circus!

Ha Ha That was good. I think my blood pressure went up a little. Maybe a whole lot. lol
I love your dedications. If I was as smart and as brilliant as you. I could think up something nice..
Not the "Without You" song. Even though it has it's applications at times.
Thank you thank you. See my first reply to you above.


You have a new follower here thanks to a mutual friend we have, @rebeccaryan.
She is an amazing person and from what it sounds like, your an amazing guy! I look forward to viewing more of your material!

Thank you for following me. And I want to thank @rebeccaryan for all that she has done for me.
It is tough to get recognition on Steemit. The tendency of most new members is to follow the whales.
I don't disagree with that. It just makes it hard if the minnows all chase after the dolphins and whales,
rather than help each other.
If I make and add a good post. I love to read comments that agree with my thinking. But, if it is something
that I rushed to put on to get an upvote or two. I shouldn't expect a lot of support for that.

If we all just add to Steemit what we see and do each day around the world. It will be the go to place of the people. It already is for me now. I see many things on Steemit that I would never see in other venues.
Thank you again for your support. I have followed you and look forward to watching for you work too.


Dont feel bad for burning the bush. It got used because let's face it, fires are fun, so it was used to sooth your soul. ^^

I like that high-tech equipment you're using. 4 an older man I can see your not afraid off work

Gotta be careful. A few years ago, I sorta lit the neighbor's yard on 🔥!

You are right. That is why I wanted it to rain before I started a fire. This fire was hot too.
What I found out many years ago. Green wood is very hard to get burning. But, once it starts.
It seems to be hotter than dry wood. The heat from this fire was significant. Enough to make me
back up away from it several feet. But, I wasn't surprised. As a kid. We burnt a large tobacco bed for many
years. Plus many other burnings as well. I know about the wind and how much to tolerate when starting a fire.
A drizzle of rain is the best situation. Even then, caution is advised.
Thank you for your upvote and comment. I appreciate it.


Don't believe that kind of wood is very good for weenie roast. I like the idea though. Maybe some marshmallows.

I'm going to give this a scriptual reference . In the book of Matthew 13:24-30 Jesus tells a parable about the wheat and the tares. How the tares will be separated from the wheat and gathered together to he burned.

the land looks better now. and perhaps you can motivate others to do the same for the betterment of their property. thank you for the journey.

Hello @francisk, i found you thanks to the wonderful @rebeccaryan post! I'm really proud of the success you are getting finally my friend! You got a new follower and looking forward to your future post!
Well done sir!

And I thank you too for visiting my blog. Yes, we have a mutual friend in @rebeccaryan.
I can see by your Steemit name that you are either a Chef or are interested in such work.
Here is what I would like to see in the future. A Steemit rally of members, with the leadership
of such rally being lead by @rebeccaryan and @knarly327.
It is good when people of like persuasion get together to discuss and enjoy the friendship that
has been built up over the prior months/years.

I will follow you and your work too. Thank you for your kindness of following me.


Thanks so much for your reply @francisk! Well I have worked for the past 15 years as a chef and i even reached the position of Exec. chef for two 5 stars hotel in Mauritius, The Westin and The St Regis. Then last year I quit as i was not feeling happy despite earning a lot!
The rally idea would be a great thing, well thought my friend!

Thank you for sharing
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

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