Tangwystl Cottage - upgrading garden tools

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Any gardener knows that their equipment is really important, and having decent tools to work with is essential (although life would go on without such things, but yanno ...), so I recently indulged in an upgrade with range expansion (maybe someone should develop a trading-card game based around gardening?? None of these tools have any exp yet, but they soon will be loaded up with it, lol).

Anyhoo ... I love using natural-based materials and stuff so when I saw this range of tools with their beautiful wooden handles I couldn't resist. I also noticed in the store there was a trend towards using plastic handles. Yeah, no thanks if I can help it.

In fact, we really needed this axe as we've only ever had a heavy splitting axe and a hatchet - not great for the majority of jobs, plus they are pretty darned blunt.
I think the handle is American Hickory.

I also found a packet of replacement springs, so I hope to repair my old set. Amazing how many fly off into the grass, never to be spotted again!

Until now, I hadn't found any garden tool that was geared to harvesting produce, so I am hoping that is what these do.

A bit wider than what I'm used to using, so my holes may turn into small swimming pools.
I think the handle is made of Oak?

Bulb Trowel
Also useful for those skinny places one needs to dig in.

My own type of hard-fork, lol.

Pretty wicked-looking. Watch out, weeds!

Bulb Planter
I've never had or used one before, but decided this was the year to go for it ... so daring :P

So there you have it. I'm thinking about creating a special board with fancy hooks to hang them all on, in a spot outside the back door. Very cottage-y.
Kinda like this one, but more me.
image source
I bought a wood-burning kit a while back (but have yet to use it) so I could create some nice garden signs so perhaps this project will be perfect for it.

And remember people, get those weeds before they get you!
enter image description here
image source




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That looks like a great set of tools you have got your hands on. Most of mine are inherited but still going strong!

Thanks. :)

I am envious of your tools, I bet they are pretty good quality.

Yay for new tools! I wouldn't have a clue what to do with half of them XD

Maybe more harvesting tools will come about once it's worked out people like homesteading. Don't thinkk there was really too many people wanting to harvest things til relatively recently. Maybe you can do tool reviews down the line ;D

Oooh, I like your thinking! :D

You're so right, people moved away from self-sufficiency as convenience kicked in, but there is now a movement back towards it which is so good to see.

This brought back such nice memories of my Dad, he used to have all his tools and gardening implements so well organized and maintained

He was so proud of both his garden and how he had all the tools he needed and looked after them with pride

Nice! I love being able to connect things back to the past, like you have. My grandmother was the gardener, and she used the same tools for decades. I guess it helps that there was a better quality of product before mass-production and turnover kicked in.

@ravenruis It really triggered such nice memories for me

yes they dont make them like they used to for sure

Weeds beware. You have up'd the arms race :) I too love wooden handles. Feels much better. And will look very good on your wall ...

Thanks! They should beware indeed. :D

I have the same set. I love them. They feel and look wonderful.

Awesome. I was outside weeding yesterday and didn't want to use them because they look so lovely & clean ... lol. But I know I will have to break them in one day soon. :D

They look like a great set. My parents have just moved into a new place in the Wairarapa, built on a section of an olive grove so all of a sudden they have land to look after. They had their first harvest a few weeks ago (before the house was even finished). Mum is starting to plan a vegetable and herb garden so a set like this would be perfect for her.

I live in a little place in Wellington with no outdoor space, but might be feeling inspired to start some pot plants on the balcony this year. Good luck with the gardening!

No matter how small, a touch of nature is almost a necessity. :)

Lovely for your parents to have such a place to garden in!

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