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This is Part 5 of a new series.

I think that way too many people these days are disconnected from the world that we live in. Not only do too many struggle with reality, many no longer experience food as it was meant to be. When we are connected with our food supply, it cultures a certain respect and gratitude for what we eat. Enjoy the video!


For us, we find homesteading to be an excellent way to stay connected to our food supply and have a greater appreciation for what we eat. In Part 6, I will share about how having a trustworthy source for food is becoming increasingly crucial. Stay tuned!


Until next time…

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Great example

After watching your video @papa-peper
I really appreciate your reason why you and your family go Homestead and live your life interacting mainly to living things like plants, insects, animals etc.

But one thing that strucks my ear (I'm not sure,I think I misheard this and misunderstand but just clarify me if I lost) is all about you prefer your kids not to go in college because of interacting with serious issues and your ideas will be messed up etc. .???

Without due respect, i have no place to judge your ideas about that certain issue but i think it is not bad at all to go to college sit there and listening about those serious issues. It is all up to the listener if they will belive the instructor or anyone who talk about that topic and how they react about that particular topic. It is not automatically make them messed up real quick. It depends to your kids how will they deal with it.

But I am happy you will respect the decision of your kids in the future. You are good dad i see it.

The point with college is in social engineering rather than teaching.

Oh i see, so that what it means, but i cannot tell because I'm not from America, but really? Here in PH in my college days right now I am bombarded with many thesis and academic ek ek and we don't really into social engineering one of the fact here is on the Social Media like the news report they are the prime one that more on social engineering. But in general i respect your thoughts and ideas about that issue. Thanks for that and now I know what is the situation right there.

Good question and valid concern. Unfortunately things are not always as they seem.

I know where our food comes from. But I don't get where people say the animals milk is only for their offspring. I don't know a bout sheep and goats, but I do know about cows and cows produce more milk than their calves can drink. Calves are weaned off their mothers milk so they can get the nutrients from other food sources thats why they graze in pastures.

I agree with you about people not having a connection with their food. I grow what I can on my patio of my apartment and it taste better than what I buy in the store. And I love teaching children about gardening , It is even to the point the children get excited when they see a frog or a lizard and come to me to go see them. If we don't show and teach the children about nature who is going to teach them? It is the people who know about these things job to teach the people and children about them.

Great to find you on here! Followed, upvoted and resteemed!

check out my blogs @synergyu and @geetinstitute for ongoing info to help you on your journey! We'll be focusing on sharing info (resteeming posts like yours for example), DIY instructionals, and free give-aways! :)

I'm doing a geodesic dome greenhouse (or hut) giveaway here

Soon I'll be posting videos on dtube how I build them.

I am about to watch all videos. In New Zealand we call the land Papatuanuku.. coincidence?lol. Māori people have a deep connection to the land. Some rivers in NZ have even been given the same legal rights as human beings, to protect them.

America gives corporations personhood, NZ does it for rivers.

Kiwis seem to be on the better path.

We are getting there I hope, still a long long way to go before we have full respect for Papatuanuku.

Interesting. I did not know that.

We were made to care for the earth, enjoying following along with ya! Could you check out my blog and let me know any advice you have? I am a homesteader as well and just looking for tips. Thanks Papa P

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Indeed, The only way to deprogram is with nature. The more time you spend with it the less all the commotion and politics of the world matter. I do some homesteading myself and i'm often put-down as someone who is wasting time on plants and birds - that i can do so much "more" with my life... but its this exact pressure and expectations that bring me back to nature time and time again. My Father spent his 30's building a farm (mainly a rose plantation, but also with cows, goats, dogs, fruit trees, etc) back in the USSR... i think these were some of the happiest days for him... and then when he switched to multi-level marketing he did really well, but kept saying that life is a spiral, and that he will end-up on a farm again just a better one :)

I am going to observe all recordings. In New Zealand we call the land Papatuanuku.. coincidence?lol. Māori individuals have a profound association with the land. A few streams in NZ have even been given an indistinguishable legitimate rights from individuals, to ensure them.

Hi -

I'm with you on the fact that knowing where your food comes from is crucial, and an excellent way to ensure that you're not ingesting unhealthy additives or perpetuating the exploitation that are the result of the 'industrial food system' - I still remember Food Inc with horror, and I don't know much about how the food system in the US has evolved in the decade since that movie was made, but I'd hazzard a guess that it's not moved in a Permaculture direction en masse.

However, it is comforting to note that Homesteading is healthy in the US - On the whole meat thing it's interesting that you have a live and let live philosophy on this - as do most people in the movement I think.

However, I think there needs to be some examination of what 'fair shares' in meat consumption would look like - I'm sure from a resource perspective, it takes more input in terms of land to grow (at least certain types of) meat to sustain carnivores than it does to sustain vegans.

Having said that, I don't believe there are any decent arguments for everyone going vegan.

NB It might interest you to know that network analysis of the animal rights movement and wider green movement show that the hardline animal righters are proper fringe, i.e. they don't network outside of their little clique... so you can pretty much ignore them, they have no way of influencing anyone effectively!

One of the main reasons I gave up being vegetarian was that I lived in western North Carolina, and there was no way to eat even remotely local in that climate for about 8 or 9 months a year. I think if you're in the tropics, that's one thing. I came to the conclusion that eating local was more important to me. Also I missed bacon.

Very good video post. thank you for sharing @papa-pepper. I am proud

When we lived way out in the country in Michigan I had an acre garden... we grew all of our own organic veggies and I let the kids sell what we didn't need. I love composting. In college I had a prof and that was his hobby... he was an expert. He sent to Europe for special bacteria cultures that accelerated the process. I used to go help him turn his piles (all the neighbors gave him their leaves). I really got into it... Great for the garden and wonderful fertilizer!

very well spoken my friend :D

hay @papa pepper that true and i like your thoughts, thanks for sharing.

Amazing...reading...good luck

follow me

I very much want to make friends with you! I love life, ecology, children and nature!

"Sink my toes in some soil rather than stubbing them on the concrete." I couldn't sum it up any better. I was born in the 50's, when so many folks were trying to get away from the land and become "civilized". I lived that life for many decades but it never felt quite right to me. Even in the city I used what land I had to grow a garden and plant fruit trees.

I'm so grateful to be back in the country, in charge of my own life. Raising and growing my own food is huge part of that.

I live in a very small town of just over 1000 people. I was so excited to see that our school received a grant to build a test kitchen and teach our youth about safe canning practices. That's certainly a step in the right direction.

Civilized! LOL!

Connecting back to the earth that made us!!!

You are so right, @papa-pepper! The world is becoming a very disconnected mess. I don't want that for my children or grandchildren. I want to encourage my children to think for themselves. To be able to think outside of the box. To know what real food is and where it comes from. A big of potato chips does not constitute a serving of veggies! And I don't want to feed my family eating eggs that have been laid by chickens that live four to a cage and the eggs are then sent to a warehouse for up to 8 months, stored in a controlled enviroment! Heaven help me!

No kidding.

Just dropped you ch 30 bro, and info on the song we did which you hopefully can post tomorrow (Monday)

I can do it tonight. Just run with the basic idea you gave me?

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One of the most thought provoking things in this video was "if we don't eat 'em we lose 'em". I had never considered that angle. Another good one for you @papa-pepper. Thanks

It's proven to be true many times over already. Thanks again!

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I found this as a resteem from @synergyu and I want to thank you for putting this out into the world. My family and I are looking to get our small homestead off the ground and are looking for tips and insights. We will be watching and learning along with you! Cheers!

Glad to hear it, thank you!

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