The Homestead Gets A GIFT - Yes Americans OWN GUNS, Lots Of Guns!

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We have the right in this country to own, carry and use firearms. It's a right that most of the world does not have. I know that many of the people on Steemit live oversees and are subject to different rules than we are subject to. Many don't understand why we would ever even want to own any kind of gun.

You can sometimes best understand someone by their past. Firearm ownership is ingrained in the American culture. In fact, it's how our very nation came into being. It was the British who attempted to take the firearms away from the colonists that started the American revolution.

Painting by Alonzo Chappel
Ever since that point, firearms ownership became a guaranteed right among our culture and people. It has become a sign of true freedom that would always belong to the American culture. Despite some horrible news events that involve sick and twisted people who kill others, most gun owners are peaceful and simply see gun ownership as a continuation of that freedom that was fought for at the beginning of our nation. And no matter what, just like the colonists, we will never give our firearms up. EVER.

All over this country, you will find manufacturers of firearms and their parts. Not too long ago, I had a friend of a homestead patron send me a gift for us. He knew we had a couple AR-15's on the homestead and wanted to send us something for one of them.

We have two AR's on the homestead. The first AR is chambered in 9mm and belongs to my wife. It's lightweight and easy to shoot. It has an EOtech sight mounted on top.

The other AR belongs to her father (@hansjurgen). It's chambered in 5.56mm

Both rifles were built by me. They are good shooters and reliable.

So, now for the gift. ENJOY THE VIDEO!



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With this post, I can see you’re my husband’s kind of homesteader! (I wandered over here after @libertylol referred you)

Nice to see a firearm video from @mericanhomestead again!

It was the British who attempted to take the firearms away from the colonists that started the American revolution.

I've lived in the US my entire life and I'm embarrassed to say that I did not know this. I always thought it was about taxes and a bunch of tea in a harbor. Here I am, public school educated, almost 40 years old and I'm just learning this now. SMH I'm coming to believe that accurate history lessons will be a top priority for our children. @ironshield


The public school system will never tell you that this country began with an attempted gun's not PC.

I put firearms in the same "you simply cannot have enough" category right alongside socks and underwear.


This is my husband’s way of thinking!!

my house caliber is 9mm and 20 gauge
several guns (the more the better)
same ammo...(it's easier to buy that way)
I've been considering a 9mm carbine.. and switching to 12 guage
what do you think?


I think its always best to stick with common calibers. Easier to find and cheaper. I laugh at these guys who use rounds like 6.5 creedmore, etc...good luck finding those rounds if it hits the fan.


9mm is the MOST common calibre that exists.
perhaps 20 g and 12 g are only slightly less common.


I always thought is was 22lr. Someone once told me there is a confirmed documented kill of every animal on earth with a 22lr. I'm like, that would mean....yup he said...even and elephant. LOL (shot placement matters)


but every copshop
and every military
and every security
carries 9mm

Every individual on this planet has the unalianable God given right to keep and bear arms. The founders of the United States of America were wise enough to encode in the Constution the Second Amendment, which doesn’t grant the right to own guns, but rather prevents the government from infringing upon that right.

If you live in a country where you are prohibited from owning guns, it isn’t because you don’t possess that right. Your government has simply chosen to use force against you and prohibit you from exercising a right you already have.

The Big Man built one for me to use, but I have yet to try it out. It was after finding out Jaimie had one, that I figured it might be a good idea for me to have one, too. Gotta protect my babies!


Yep, that's the job of momma bear.

Speaking as a Brit with aspirations of coming over to the USA one day, I'll happily follow history and take that off your hands ;)


You can always move to Canada, while it's still pretty restrictive in Canada it's also more flexible than the UK. For example if you have your firearm owner registration cards, you can walk into a gun store and buy an Israeli Tavor Rifle and exit with it right away which you oddly can't do with an AR-15. In Canada an AR is a Restricted firearm which requires a special license and can be only used at a certified firing range, however a Tavor which is basically a redesigned M4 to fit into a bullpup format is an unrestricted rifle that you can freely shoot in private property in a properly zoned area away from where people live. As a British Subject its easy for you to move to Canada which is culturally the perfect half way point. Plus it's easier to promote gun ownership in Canada as it's a loose Federation and people are thinking about splitting the country in the near future. Not to mention most of the population lives 100 miles away from the US border. You can always drive down and shoot real guns at a range in most states like Nevada.


I'll have to look closer at that again as we looked at Canada but I think the restrictions and paperwork made getting citizenship really difficult. We were looking at the extreme north of American anyway (Washington/Maine/Vermont) - grabbing some cheap woodlands and setting up a cabin. As rural as we can get while still having internet!


Perhaps, I'm considering moving back to Canada so I can spend time with family, though I would prefer BC just because it's the most American sounding province. I live in a communist state anyways so with the attacks against the 2nd amendment it would be like I never left home.


From my cold dead fingers. LOL

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Thank God it is still my right.


It will always be your right till the day you die. Your government may infringe upon that right but it can not remove it or separate it from you. Just a different way of thinking/talking about it, may sound nit-picky but IMHO it makes all the difference.

Yes more gun videos!!!! tweeted

That is awesome! Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain! Ha Ha. I like your comment above about guys getting other non-common rounds. You are on point with that comment. My buddy has the same philosophy; 22LR, 9MM, and 12 GA is his calibers/gauges. I have the same thoughts but added in the .45ACP and .380. Never hurts to have choices! Ha Ha.
Thanks for sharing and posting.

Pfeiler Family Farm

Nice! I have 3 AR's and an AK, plus other guns, but I have to disassemble them because I live in California. I will not make them featureless, nor do I have the funds to do so, and I'm not going to register them. Just because of the principal, I refuse to comply when a mob of liberals infringe on our rights. Unfortunately I can't say I did nothing, and that they didn't effect my way of life, because I still have to render them useless and rely on pistols and shotguns to defend my family.
On a spiritual note, I have struggled with the idea of having to kill someone to defend my family, or more so property.
On one hand, if someone sues us for our coat, we're supposed to give them our cloak too, but maybe that doesn't apply to robbery? Then you have the fact that we want folks to come to Christ before they die. Obviously if they are attacking, you kill them, you just sent them to hell.
I doubt they can repent at that point. So I'd try everything possible to not have to kill.
I've had guns all my life, and not once have I ever had to use them. I actually dread the thought of ever having to, but I will if my family is in danger from attack.
I may not if the only risk is property, and none of my family is in danger.
I figure that is the best way to sum that dilemma up.

PS: I consider my dog, family. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Nice guns!!! I like my AR. I don't love it..A carbon 15....kicks like a son of a gun! And not a lot of aftermarket stuff fits on it.

Nice. I have two in .223 and one .308. Great guns.

Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave. -Andrew Fletcher.

By the way, I’m just a closet prepper. But I like your posts. Following now.

Maybe you should add the #guns tag to your post. There are a few of us firearm enthusiasts on here.

Yep, that's about right...

Really nice gift! Nice guns too. Looking forward to purchasing my first gun in Central America. Different rules for different countries.

AK's and Saiga's are nice too, not as flexible, but very reliable. Cheap easy ammo to find. Being a gun magnet (I've never sold one after buying it) I find reloading more convenient for some of them than hunting for meager ammo offerings. Reloading gets around certain tax schemes they come up with too. Leftists want to tax ammo? No problem I'll make it.