Making Our Morning COFFEE - You Can Have Fantastic Coffee OFF GRID *PLUS VIDEO*

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We get lots of questions about our off grid lifestyle. Most of these question are concerned with how we do daily activities. One of the common questions is how we make our coffee each morning? When you think about it, this isn't really a strange question.

Lots of people get their coffee each morning maybe from a drive thru on the way to work. Or if they make it in the morning at home, it's from one of those cool Keurig coffee makers. Or maybe you get your coffee from an office machine at your job. At the homestead, we make our coffee with a simple dripper and it really makes an amazing cup of coffee. It requires no electricity, It's still pretty quick to make and it's delicious!

Jaimie and I really do like a good cup of coffee and we understand that you can't buy crap coffee and expect it to taste good no matter what device you decide to make it with. And sure those neat Keurig makers are FAST and you have lots of options. But we enjoy our little coffee dripper and have been using it for years.

So here is the process. Get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the photos. We do this every morning.

First we get the water heated up. The wood stove is great for this and saves on stove propane in the winter. There is a lot going on in this photo.

  • Water being heated for coffee
  • Homemade bread being warmed up in the cast iron
  • Drying rack for drying laundry
  • Mystery carboy fermenting something


Here is a close up of the water pot with our cast iron heating up some homemade bread. Our boys are in the background of the photo anxiously awaiting the warmed up bread for breakfast.


While the water is heating up, lets get our cups and dripper ready.


In goes the filter. We pick these up from a local retailer.


The Melitta filters really are special. They are made from trees harvested in Scandinavia. They really do produce an amazing cup of coffee. Here is a really neat but short video that shows how these Melitta filters are made.


I put in three large scoops into the filter. You might think that is a lot but it's not. In a normal coffee machine, this might be enough to make a whole pot of coffee but it produces a perfect tasting cup when used with the Melitta filter.


Add in your water to the top and stir it in. You know have the perfect cup of coffee and you didn't use any electricity to make it!




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Drip is good but I still like my french press. I still like french press more than my Keurig.


Stainless steel stovetop espresso gets my vote! Alongside mason jar cold brew. Much better than Keurig and/or anything made with plastic in my opinion.


WE love cold brew as well.


Yeah, french press is nice!

Are you heating the water in a stainless percolator? I have grown to love percolated coffee. Recently, I had to give up coffee due to reactions to the caffeine though. How many cups do you usually have in a day? Thanks for sharing how you make your coffee.


We like percolated coffee but it's more acidic it seems that way. It's less so this way. Actually, we used to cold brew our coffee and its very smooth just more effort.


put 1/4 tsp (give or take a little), of baking soda in the grounds and all bitterness goes away!

We have been using Melitta filters for at least the last 25 years. When you use these filters with organically grown coffee that is grown by a friend, then you truly have an awesome cup of coffee! BTW did you know that you can dry the filters and make art with them. I have seen some done and it looked amazing. A bit on the pricey side for me though...


Wow, I've never seen you have a link?


This is only one of several dozen places, I was looking for the one that used the dried used coffee filters to make collages or pictures on a piece of felt or linen and framed to put on your wall. If I come across it, I will send it to you. When do you or Jamie get a chance to be on the discord chat channel? Love to chat sometime.

Hmmm coffee, yes instant human here, just add coffee....


That's Jaimie in the morning...she's not human until she's had her cup.


What would the world be like without coffee? I do not even want to consider that. It is the "life blood" for my wife and I every morning.

While we had a Keurig and my wife enjoyed using it, it some how got lost in our move from NC to MO. The only box never found was box # 108 that had the Keurig! That was in August and we are still waiting on the claim! (Never hold your breath if waiting on a return from the government!! Ha Ha)

I purchased a Pour-Over and a Chemex and tried them both. I really did not enjoy them as much as I do the French Press. I could not get the strength high enough to my liking. But for me I think it also has something to do with ease and time. At 05:50 we wake up and I grind the beans. I got the grinder set for 8 cups to a medium fine grind. Set the pot of water on the stove and start heating it up. Then its a battle for 5 minutes to wake the kids to get them ready for school. By time that is done the water is getting near 170 degrees. Pour the grinds and water in the press and leave it sit. Back to harassing my kids who are still in bed. They say after four minutes to press and serve, but for me it ends up being about six to ten minutes and then I press. The coffee is strong and stout but to me it is perfect! For my wife on the other hand, I better add some milk and syrup to it.

Thanks for sharing brother! Stay warm and keep enjoying a hot cup of Joe!

Pfeiler Family Farm


Wow....I'd love to try a cup of that!


If you are ever in the KC area let me know! I will have a fresh press ready!!

pretty neat.
at first I thought you were gonna write about 'cowboy coffee'
I like your's better.


What is 'cowboy coffee'?


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Wow awesome food and story.
Amazing photography
Thanks for sharing

Weekend Schedule on !!

Great stuff. But a homebrewer...I am more interested in the mystery carboy. Looks a bit light to be a stout and dark to be an ale. Based on the lack of krausen, it also appears to have just started. Whatever it is, I am interested to know. Inquiring minds and whatnot...


You'd never guess. fermented Sorghum. It's basically done and I just need to use it to make fuel. I have a federal fuel permit for making ethanol.


Sweet. Interesting. How much fuel does it make?

Hi fried, vote yes

well enjoy coffe and its good to share a vidoe and i ma amaized to see this heavy machinery to make it in complete process

Even though I don't drink coffee (yes I know shameful), thanks for giving us another example of how to do "daily" tasks offgrid!

Morning coffee is a ritual of pleasure around our. I have three basic methods. All start with grinding beens. Right from the freezer. Freezing the beens keeps them roster fresh. I have two espresso pots one stove top. The other electric. I usually put have the coffee and I get a Canadiano. The other is French press.

}; SAD!!! Can't drink any kind of caffeine!!! I would stay up for days with just one cup. Good for knowledge for company!

Whatever you like but its necessary in life specially in morning and at work.