See You When I See You

in homesteading •  6 months ago


Slowing down for a bit these days
To spend time with my beautiful family
Baby girl is learning to balance
She's standing up and going places

These days are but fleeting moments
They won't be babies forever
I'd blink and they'd be adults
And wonder where the time went

Work-life balance that's just a game
I don't trust that anymore
It only means overtime for me
And get trinkets for free

So for now I'm slowing down on Steemit
Discord and Internet all together
Folks, I'll catch you later
I have a family to tend to

It's not a poem. It's just lines of thoughts written down without rhymes.

Time to re-evaluate how much time we're spending in front of the computers.

I'll be back but not too often. I'm figuring out a way to be more efficient and somehow write what I need to write in 5 minutes like the freewriters do. Then edit and expand so I don't spend too much time on here.

Don't get me wrong. I cherish the connections I have going on. But family first, and this family's babies are growing way too fast to miss out on.

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Good idea!! Go enjoy your beautiful family. xxx


Thanks @riverflows. I hope naturalmedicine takes off, I have yet to take the time and go around. Probably need to switch to steampeak/busy so I can bookmark posts I need to save. I'm sure there's some goodies to save, I have herbs I haven't even used to its full potential.

What beautiful words dear friend @lovenfreedom, I know what that feels like, the same thing happens with my baby! God bless you always.!!!


Mama knows and baby grows. Thanks for stopping by Sara. God bless you too.

Had to resteem this dearest @lovenfreedom! I think you wrote this for me. My little boy is also just walking and I feel like I'm a tight rope walker trying to balance myself. I think it's time I also slowed down before I miss out on this precious time. So fleeting. So irreplaceable.


Heya mama, true true true. Precious time with them is so irreplaceable. I have heard a few of my colleagues at work on how they dread their children leaving their home to go to college or to go have their own place/family.

We think it's a long time for us but my oh my, a year is a short time. Our babies are growing too fast and the days are flying.


Too fast. My little one will be one tomorrow. Where has the time gone?


Oh my, precious little 1. Belated happy birthday baby Zach! Wow, it wasn't that long ago since he was born. 1 year just flew by.


Too fast. My little
One will be one tomorrow.
Where has the time gone?

                 - buckaroo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Beautiful words @lovenfreedom! Absolutely families first and babies grow up way too soon, so go spend time with your wonderful family.


Hiya D. Thank you. I hope you're having a great Aug. We had some rain a few days ago not sure down where you are at though.

Chiggers and ticks are bad, we're hoping for cooler weather soon. We were late on our tomatoes so we're just now waiting for some of the green tomatoes to turn red (and purple for the Cherokee)

howdy @lovenfreedom! well spoken. I salute you. Steemit will be here when you get back and so will your friends. God bless you all!


That's right. Steemit's still going to be here when I get back to replying to comments and writing posts. Hope Texas is cooling off, we're not that hot here but it's still humid as humid. hehe


yes Ma'am that humidity is what drains you and makes things miserable. We're in the mid to high 90s this week so it's not bad at all, nights are starting to cool off into the 70s so that feels like fall.
Aren't you somewhat addicted to Steemit though, isn't this going to be hard to back away from?
I know you have your priorities straight and all, just seems like it becomes a way of life and indeed in order to be successful you almost HAVE to become addicted to it!

A beautiful poetry ..


Thank you mama! Hope you have a great weekend, and happy birthday to baby boy :)

Aww enjoy your time with your family!! Look forward to your return in whatever way you can ❤️

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So soft so gentle and so kind, these words are so full of sincere joy of life, I wish I could once get the same level of life love and understanding of its simple wisdom you have showed us here today. Thank You @lovenfreedom We will all still be waiting for you any time you want to come back and see us here. Have a wonderful time with you family and kids. You are spectacular Nanay!