Our Pineapple Gardens Just keep Growing!

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Gardening never ends on a homestead as we, like many of you, take advantage of every opportunity to expand and make something new out of everything God gives us.

The only tool I needed was a spade, but I was lazy and used one of my large kitchen spoons saving me a trip to the barn!

In this case, I took these pineapple tops from last weeks co-op delivery and twisted them off and now have eight new plants to put in the ground. One of the many blessings of the co-op is access! When things are on special I try and take advantage of them, in this situation the entire case of 8 pineapples was only $22.00.

These are the remaining 4 pineapples waiting their turn in the frig to be cut and eaten along with the one soon to be enjoyed today!

Definitely a good buy, so in addition to my order that is shared, I often purchase extra items for planting. The co-op is also where our ginger and turmeric roots come from and you can see some below planted among the pineapples around a different set of trees.

The acid loving pineapple thrives when planted around oak trees so that is where we choose to plant them. Probably half of our oaks not located in the goat pasture, have pineapples circling them.

In an effort to finish this oak circle I decided to plant here. You can see the ones that were planted two season back are already growing well. This new planting will take us half way around the tree.

In case you did not know pineapples are very high in bromelain, an enzyme that naturally reduces inflammation! The core has the highest concentration! :)

Thank you for your interest in my garden today! I mentioned my Organic Co-op in this article and here is the link if you would like to know more:

Original works copyright Melissa@Joearnold

2 Corinthians 1:3-4
3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.…


Thank you so much for sharing your pineapple experience with us.

AAAH! I totally want pineapples now.


well done joearnold, once again!

I didn't realise pineapples like acidic soil, thanks for that little gem! It could explain why I've struggled to grow here (besides the dry climate) as we have alkaline soil.

I will try this comment again...my computer is not liking whatever is going on with the cyber land attacks. GRR...I love it when i know some crazy tidbit that can help...thank you for stopping and commenting!
Happy Day

I had some problems with commenting recently. It took me a few hours to realise one comment hadn't posted!

I have a huge pineapple plant. My mother in law gave it to me after mine died. I had shown her how to grow one from the top. She always gave it her leftover coffee and now I know why! Mine is in a pot and I bring it in every winter. I don't know what kinds of temperatures they can tolerate. Obviously yours are doing just fine in the ground. How cold do your winters get?

Once in a blue moon we may get a freeze but mostly lows in the 40's maybe 15-20 days all toll in the winter, when we get cold days. South Central Florida. Highs in the low 80's many days in the 70's. Our weather fights are in the summer, so hot, Winter is fabulous ..like northern summers. ;)

Well damn. I'll keep bringing mine in every winter. To make room, I have to trim it's leaves (fronds?) back. It takes up about 3 square feet of space or more!

They can get really big...yeah, we are pretty tropical! Sorry ..but I can not grow any apples or peaches! God gives everybody something good! :)

Most definitely! Do you have any idea how many years it takes for them to fruit? Or am I just looking at a very large, pointy houseplant? Hahaha!

They take about two years here. They are pointy LOL
Happy Sunday!

awesome post

Thank you! Just went over to your blog but see you have not written much lately? Would love to check it out when you do so I am following. :)

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