Reduce Spending by Buying Coconut Oil

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My focus in life is making things as simple as possible so that I can focus on the things that matter, being present for my child, creating, and going on fun adventures! If there is a way to simplify anything, I am on it! That’s one of the reasons that I love multi-purpose buys, such as essential oils and coconut oil.

Not only does coconut oil have a million uses for beauty, home, and diet, it has an equal number of health benefits. Coconut oil is known to combat Alzheimer's, prevent heart disease, boosts immune system, has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, heals skin related issues, helps with weight loss, aids in digestion, improves memory and brain function, prevents teeth and gum disease, improves bone health, improved energy and endurance, kills candida overgrowth, benefits hair health, stops inflammation, stimulates the thyroid, and lowers cholesterol. Wow! Talk about a list of benefits!


Here are some of my favorite uses:

→Use as a heart healthy addition to recipes.

→Use coconut oil to shave with (just beware of a slippery shower!).

→Remove eye makeup.

→Use as an Oil Wash

→Use as a face and body moisturizer. I like to mix with castor oil for a luxurious and ultra moisturizing formula for legs and face. Castor oil has the added benefit of reducing wrinkles and growing eyelashes and brows!

→Use as a pomade or cream to prevent frizz and keep curls intact.

→Use as a deep-conditioning treatment.

→Mix with baking soda to make an all-natural whitening toothpaste.

→Mix with peppermint oil to use as a bug repellent.

→Use as a lip balm. You can even combine beet juice to create a tinted product.

→Use to prevent sun burns or treat sun burnt skin. You can add carrot seed oil or non-nano zinc to make it more effective against burns.

→Use for oil pulling.

→Mix with lemon essential oil and use as a natural furniture polish.

Are you as obsessed with coconut oil as I am? What are your uses?

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Well, quite surprisingly, other than the external uses and benefits of coconut oil, I make various sweets, desserts and some healthy recipes using coconut oil.


Yes it is great for cooking!!

The coconut is truly a real superfood with endless other uses. Great post.


Yes it is truly amazing! Thank you for reading!

Hey, thanks for sharing these tips! I always have some in my household and I sometimes use it for cooking my own deodorant. It's good! But I'm sorry: I must pour a little cold water on your list of benefits. As a person who knows some chemistry, I really wouldn't recommend coconut products for diet. First of all, we eat a lot of coconut oil anyhow, because it's in so many products. Second, it contains nearly 90% saturated fatty acids, which is really not healthy! They may block your coronary vessels. The other aspect is: please inform yourself about the impacts of the coconut oil production on the planet. It's grown in mono-cultures on former rain-forests.. So: don't use it excessively, think of alternatives grown in your region and if you cannot give up consuming it, at least buy organic ;)


in saying, it's mostly grown in mono-cultures, I was wrong. But still, it contains a high proportion of saturated fatty acids ;)

I love coconut oil too. I knew about some of these uses but not of them thanks for sharing


Oh awesome, glad you found some new uses! Thank you so much for reading!


Oh awesome, glad you
Found some new uses! Thank you
So much for reading!

                 - homestead-guru

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I'm agree and use daily coconut oil in any form☝🏻
It's such a great tree -finally you can do everything from him.

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INFORMATIVE POST @homestead-guru ,i always use coconut oil at home.What you said in this post was absolutely correct.It's good for our health.

I sometimes cook with coconut oil. Yummy!

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How is it used to prevent a sunburn?

El proceso para extraer el aceite del coco es muy tedioso, sin embargo el resultado es muy satisfactorio, nada que ver con el que se compra en la tienda, les recomiendo llevarlo a cabo.

One question, is it recommended for people with diabetes? Thank you

my site every people use coconuts oil to cook food, skin, and hair, it is cheap for us...nicely explain about coconut oil, I have learned some new thinks on your post keep sharing these type of post...

I'll start using coconut oil a bit more after seeing those benefits.