An Arborish Afternoon

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A Tree Planting Trip Around The Farm


Last week I ended up with four free baby trees. Planting and growing things is something I enjoy, and in all honesty I tend plant trees whenever the opportunity presents itself. With my dad being a timber faller for the first twenty-five years of his career, I should only need to plunk a tree in the ground almost everyday for the next two decades or so in order to resupply the forest thanks to his most excellent harvesting skills. Yay!


With today being a touch chilly and overcast, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to plunk the baby Groots into the Earth. Clad in my best gardening gloves and with a procession of no less than three felines in my wake, I headed out to the orchard to plant my first tree, the black walnut.


Black walnut trees are so majestically glorious. We have some dear friends that still ranch on the family homestead, and their home is right underneath a 100+ year old black walnut tree. The way I figure it, by the time I am ninety-seven and a half that walnut tree might be pretty good size. It's totally something to look forward too.


Next, came the Golden Raintree. If you can't tell by now, I am super excited by the deciduous tree acquisition, as the natural landscape of my farm could be called a touch conifer heavy. In my yard there is this rock formation and lilac bush that is surrounded by various bulbs, narcissus, hyacinth, tulips, etc. Such a whimsical bit of ornamental horticulture totally needed the addition of a Raintree, so I plunked it into the ground there.


My tree planting technique is pretty straightforward. I dig a not deep enough or far too deep hole in the ground. Sometimes I shovel a bit of compost into the hole, and many times I will liberally fill the hole with water for the sapling. Cause I am nice. Our soil is pretty saturated right now, so I skipped the drowning of the roots part of my planting repertoire, and ended my tree planting exercise far less filthy than normal. Bonus!


For some strange reason, as I worked, I found myself humming the Rod Stewart song, "Some Guys Have All The Luck." However, I substituted my own lyrics in honor of the task that I found myself doing, for as anyone who has planted tiny baby trees knows, they have a high attrition rate. Well at least in North Idaho they do. Even with good care, winter can do them in.


So, accompanied by a melodic tree planting soundtrack of Some Trees Have All The Luck, Some Trees Have An Abundance Of Rain..., I moved on to the conifer part of the tree planting extravaganza. Up first, a little Western White Pine, Idaho's state tree!

Even though I am by no means pine poor, most of my pine trees are of the Lodgepole and Ponderosa variety, so the White Pine has its work cut out for it fitting in. I remember being the new kid in school, sigh.


Finally, it was Blue Spruce time. I love spruce trees. Well, I have remembrances of them. There are a nice matched set of scars on my forearms courtesy of a carnivorous Sitka spruce. Dang thing bit me, and all I was doing as running like a heathen through the woods. Rude. Anyway, the blue spruce got lucky because I chose to plant it in a circular bed where my long dead weeping birch stump's been a rotting. Yay timely mulch! That little tree had got it made!

There is something inherently satisfying about planting a tree or too. When I was done, I shook myself like a water logged dog and dislodged no small amount of compost and soil from my wee form. Ears ringing and head spinning because I can't just do something at a normal speed, I stopped and beheld the garlic I planted last fall. Look how much it has grown. A roasted garlic bruschetta fest is soo in my future!


And with that trailing root of a thought I shall now retire for the evening, for I need to go wash off some of this dirt. I noticed my kid's 4H pigs were looking at me a touch funny, and that's never a good thing...


And as always, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's sun glared and without hair iPhone.

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I half expected to see you out there swinging a hoe-dad, and 'heelin' them in. Talk about a high attrition rate. No thank you please. (Though I'm not sure how much heelin' would go on in the cool blue sneakers with dayglow-cool lacing. As my neighbor buddies Mom always called them. Sneakers. "Jimmy, where's your white sneakers". "Mo-om." Their house really smelled of mothballs too. That's what I think about when I hear that shoe-word. Mothballs.)
Anyways, I kind of went off-subject there. What was I going on about...?
I'm glad you are planting some trees. And such a great variety. Not sure I've herd of a golden rain tree. Need to look that one up. And me, a Forester. Sheesh.
I'm giving out all my positive waves for your trees to have a peachy year, and many more to come after that. And photos of your golden rain tree in about 6 years in a post on Steemit ( :
Well, I better go get to bed. Have a nice night, and be aware of those pigs giving you the view askew. Never know WHAT'S going on behind those beady little piglett eyes.


Awe, my friend, I have missed your rousing rambles. I hope you have been well? My Steemit keep up with the blogging and bloggers record has been a bit lackluster of late, but I am hanging in there. Thanks to you I shall now remember to update the Steemworld about the goldy tree's progress in the life lane in a couple of years, thank you:o)

I would say more, but am seriously kapoot in the awareness department. In fact, I hope that this salutation makes a modicum of sense, but for some reason I have my doubts. Nighty night and hope you are having a smashing weekend Professor Skillet of Domestic Abodeness.

I, too, planted two free trees. Mine are in buckets for now, 'til I decide whether the deer will promptly eat them if I put them out where they ought to be. Whattya think?


I think you are beyond prudent for putting your baby treelings into buckets for the time being. The only reason I plunked the deciduous babies into the ground where I did was because the saplings are behind an 8 foot barrier of deer fence;o). Hope you are getting to enjoy the most lovely weather that we have today!

Today you were responsible for furthering the life of four trees. As they grow, that is a lot of fresh air:):):)Thank you:)


I love fresh air! Thank you for being a breath of it all the time! 😊

That is a great thing to do. Those black walnuts smell good when they form in the fall.

All those trees and not even a #treetuesday tag, of which the OGP is the host! And only 4 tags used. Oh yes the slight is real and it hurts. LOL Its ok, the old guy is used to being forgotten and snubbed. lol I see how it is now LOL


Oh! OGP! I have spurned you most horribly! Can I claim that since my tree activities occurred on a Monday that #treetuesday did not even cross my ever forgetful mind? LOL! I will somehow have to make amends.😉


Well, I know you have been under the weather and the Old Guy is never one to be a stickler and hold a grudge LOL!!!

On a serious note, I hope you will take better care of Kat! We need her around these parts. ;)

Last tree we planted was a blue spruce. It was my son's day job to water it. I guess he did it well, as the tree grew 2' a year!


That's excellent! LOL! At the rate at which your spruce is growing, thanks to your son's most excellent watering skills, you might actually get some shade out of that tree in record time! Nice!


Oh we did! It got so tall we couldn't get lights on it years ago. But it's caught some blight now and is slowly dying, as is the big 35 year old one near it. :((

That looks like an amazing trip , a nice breath of fresh air ! Beautiful photography as well. Your depiction and capturing of nature was wonderfully done. From the sky to the greenery and even the mud great job !


Oh my, your lovely words were an excellent reading trip as well, thank you!

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Thank you!!

Vaya que lindo dejaste el área me dieron ganas de intentarlo y ya que mañana tengo el día libre lo intentare me levantare muy temprano para empezar a tener mas áreas verdes en mi jardín :D


Ooh! Good luck with your development of the green spaces in your garden, and thank you so much for stopping by my blog:o)!


Gracias a ti amigo por compartir tus espacios es genial que lo hagas saludos :D

Great share here i like it i am also from a country where planting is the most honorable work specially its our family proffession we as a family doing from a centuries i really appreciating you because globally its needed now due to environmental condition in industrial era keep it up best wishes nice trip for you prayers a lot from me


Thank you so much for your very thoughtful words:o) I agree, planting is a very honorable profession, and am so glad to meet a cultivator from a long line of people that tend the Earth, super cool!

Lovely way to spend the day!


I so agree! I hope you are having a lovely day today!:o)

Yay for more trees, especially the Black walnut and the conifers. So neat that you have a western white pine. I wonder if you will have to put up a Moose barricade for any of them! ; )