Thank you for following me. And I want to thank @rebeccaryan for all that she has done for me.
It is tough to get recognition on Steemit. The tendency of most new members is to follow the whales.
I don't disagree with that. It just makes it hard if the minnows all chase after the dolphins and whales,
rather than help each other.
If I make and add a good post. I love to read comments that agree with my thinking. But, if it is something
that I rushed to put on to get an upvote or two. I shouldn't expect a lot of support for that.

If we all just add to Steemit what we see and do each day around the world. It will be the go to place of the people. It already is for me now. I see many things on Steemit that I would never see in other venues.
Thank you again for your support. I have followed you and look forward to watching for you work too.


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