Aquaponics, Homesteading Done Right!

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Hey everyone, I make regular aquaponics posts, I am truly passionate about this amazing yet simple technology! There truly is no better more cost effective and brilliant way to grow food both protein as well as vegetables in a closed looped system, where plants and fish work in symbiosis. If you have never heard of aquaponics do be sure to follow my aquaponics posts. I have posted many in the past and will continue to do so going forward. As per wikipedia check out the basic definitions of Aquaponics here --->>>

▶️ DTube

The whole system from the outside with the sides open to expel excess heat!




A pic taken from further back showing the DWC growing plants in this case basil lettuce and chives as well as the fish tanks bottom of the pic.


This is a double storey system the bottom pic is the bottom part and the above pic is the 'upper deck' Maximized growing space. Sheer Brilliance!



A rather elaborate plumbing system to effectively distribute the nutrient rich water throughout the system...





Here we have loose leave lettuce growing in 75mm grow baskets in a DWC (Deep water culture) setup..


Here we have lots of glorious aquaponically grown sweet basil. One of the cool things about this system is their double growing pools thus using space efficiently and for maximum production and output.


The fish tanks which house the tilapia (in this system) many different fish species are used globally depending on many factors from climate to water temps plant types and more.


Be sure to pop in regularly for more updates.
Have a wonderful weekend.



This post gets the #healthy-home seal of approval.

Our own food production is a great way to ensure we have a healthy home!


Thanks bud I'm going to be posting tons more I am an aquaponics freak.. Cheer$;)

I saw a new post and thought it was the game....not yet. Still a waiting game!


Lol ye sorry about that mate, was a little p1ssed off from last contest so I'm cooling off a bit, I'll run it tomorrow though, don't want to be in a bad mood when running it, sorry about that though, but will see you there for sure? Cheer$;)

Oh no! What happened mate?

I saw it was finished this morning, but didnt look further. Was there some more witness drama??

Naa I think that's all sorted with the new structure.. I ll tell you in chat sometime hit me up there, I sent you a message but I'm off to bed 23:30 here, see you for contest tomorrow have a pleasant day brother. Cheer$;)

Alright. Sleep well. Catch u later!!

Sweet bruv see ya then take it easy!

Same here Haha

Can you please enlighten me more about this aquaponics. Thanks for sharing.

It was in his post. Maybe you missed it:
"As per wikipedia check out the basic definitions of Aquaponics here --->>>"

Hope that helps!

Lol I did't really want to say anything glad you did, another case of, commenting without actually reading the post eh.. thanks bud ;)

Lol in deed

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Awesome! That's a pretty damn elaborate set up you have going. I've rarely seen the double-decker before. How long did it take you to get this all going?

Hey @herbertholmes I didn't build that system. But did the ones that I have just posted the urls to above in the past :) Still very passionate about it.

Very nice thanks for posting one of the best systems I seen yet. I wander what the cost would be for that system.

Great post my boy, keep them coming!

Looks great. What do you mean by 'double growing pool'?

Wow, that's quite the setup!

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