Natural Medicines on the Homesteaders Co-Op: Empowering Steemians Health, Naturally!

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Hello beautiful Steemfolk and residents of the Steemiverse! It’s @riverflows here, humbly editorialising for ‘Homesteaders Co-Op’. They’ve entrusted me with their account – cue evil laugh – muahahaha!

Of course, I’m only joking – The Homesteaders Co-Op is so full of goodness that I couldn’t possibly cue evil anything - I’d simply vaporise and turn to steemdust if I even tried. I mean, check this stuff out!
@celestialcow, A.K.A Celestial Creations, is selling THE most gorgeous silver jewellery – not only is she a STELLAR vegan cook, she can make you look super pretty for the new year with one of her silverworks! And look at this insanely stunning kimono jacket from Weave to Empower Woman’s Co-Op in Granada, Spain.


To me, Steemit has always been a place of creativity and community, and @sagescrub has managed to weave both these elements of the Steemearth together into one magical carpet – allowing creative people to come together in one place to sell their beautiful wares to the Steem community. It’s another way to stitch all these diverse people into a common good, a marketplace that to me surpasses all others because it is run by people, for people.

Yet today, I've got my Natural Medicine hat on (luckily I’m at home alone, as I’m not sure how wearing a lotus with a heart on it would look in public – a good home hat, but not a street hat, methinks), and it's with this I write today, gravitating toward the 'natural health' section of the Homesteaders Co-Op website.


Since the creation of the @naturalmedicine account nearly four months ago, I've learnt alot about what natural health means to people. It's very much about being empowered to take control of your own well-being through knowledge and the ability to utilise the natural world and it's bounty to strengthen, nurture and support our systems. For many, it means to move away from dependence on big pharma (that doesn't always have our best interest at heart) and toward products that are chemical free, organic, often biodynamic, locally sourced, homemade and ethical. From tinctures to salves, fermented foods to teas, natural medicines help us take control.

It's beyond exciting for me to see that people who are in the Natural Medicine Discord are looking toward selling their products through the Homesteaders Co-Op - currently, @mountainjewel are leading the way with their beautiful tinctures. As co-founder of @naturalmedicine, like me, she's been an advocate for supporting mental health on the Steem Blockchain with adaptogenic herbs - her 'Nourish' tincture is just the thing for this. The product description reads beautifully:

It is the ultimate stress relief and nervous system support, both bringing immediate relief and acting as a nervous system tonic to nourish long term frayed nerves. The synergy of the bright, adaptogenic and balancing energy of holy basil with milky oat’s ability to remind one to drift in the wind, to go with the flow in abundant nourishment (as watching the Oat plant sway in the wind brings to mind) reminds us that everything’s going to be okay. A hug from these two herbal allies is so needed for our nervous systems in times of stress or overwhelm.

I'm also excited to see @flemingfarm's newly listed Lilac Glycerine and @thetinkertribe list turmeric rhizomes. Turmeric has been the topic of the week in the Natural Medicine Discord Channel where we have been talking about drying it and fermenting it, it's bioavailability and how to increase that, what to cook with it and how to enjoy it, and generally informing each other about what to do with this incredible natural medicine.

In this way, I see @homesteaderscoop and @naturalmedicine as siblings of sorts, co-habiting the same steem space and helping each other grow and empower others. How wonderful we've got this incredible platform to do so. I look forward to more of our members and other Steemfolk put their medicines up for sale on the co-op and create a market stall for natural health products - if this sounds like something you could do, please get in touch with @sagescrub!

If you're not already a Natural Medicine Member, please click here to go directly to our Discord server. We'd love to chat!

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I will have to list my stuffs on this site too!

Oh @quochuy PLEASE do!!!! We need more Australian stuff!!!

Oh my @riverflows, I am getting a little teary eyed. What a nice introduction for @naturalmedicine working together with @homesteaderscoop. I am glad to know both siblings :) I am so excited to see the natural health section flourish with more natural medicine in the near future!

p.s. I loved the visual of you wearing a lotus hat :)

Awwwww xxx me too Xxxx

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this is great, natural medicine and homesteaders co op really do go hand in hand. Really fantastic write up @riverflows and thanks so much for the shout out xxx

No worries... glad you liked it

It's really a great partnership, NM and HSCO. Ethical medicine with ethical money.

Isn't it!! Love it so much..

How wonderful to see these two working together hand in hand , for they do compliment each other very nicely!.
Resteemed to try and get some more exposure to this wonderful service!
Thanks for this!

Thanks @porters!