Story of My Life on DTube, Part Four. La Vida de Juancito

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How did you end up on the streets?

You saw where I was one month ago. Many comments asked how this happened. I told this story to my closest friends and now to you. This is not easy to talk about but I choose to stay with the good times in my mind and not to think about the bad times.

We continue the story of my life. I am talking about staying with friends when I could. Then I stayed in the hospital emergency room sleeping at night only sitting, so hard to sleep sitting. That was from 2005 to 2011. After that I sdept in the street for the first time. Like today they rob me many times.

The video was stopped when I see my friend Alejandro coming. Sorry for noise and wind but I was robbed last night by a gang and them stealing my radio. so Alejandro visited and buy me a new radio today. If you stay for the second part in spanish you can meet Alejandro to in this d tube 4 video

Here is the video in English at the beginning and Spanish at the end.

▶️ DTube

Hola amigos. Voy a hablar de un de tema mas levantado en los comentarios. No es facil hablar de ese tema pero ustedes me escuchan y veo que merecen saber a quien estan apoyando y como llegue al punto en donde estaba hace un mes. Por fin tengo la esperanza de tener una cama y techo, gracias a Dios. Aun no, pero esperanza.

Estamos filmando en donde duermo por ahora. Me robaron anoche y me sacaron la radio. Por suerte Alejandro mi amigo me compro una nueva. El quedo para escuchar este d tube 4

Gracias por tomar el tiempo de mirar, leer, comentar y votar a mi post.

Thank you so much - Mil gracias


You can also read the story from September 2018 about how I met Steemit.


Hi @lvj

Those who robbed you may be jealous because you've gotten better now than they

I and many others wish you to get somewhere and live and be able to sleep safer

What does it cost to rent an apartment per month?
And what does a deposit cost for an apartment?

Possibly we can create a campaign for you at Steemit
Where all the incomes go to you to get an apartment for you with our Steemit Friends.

Nice if you can enter prices in dollars to rent a home

All funds that will be sent to you will be placed on your SAVING account
@done can show you how it can be done

Do you want us to do this we make an arrangement with inspiration from everyone here at Steemit

For example, text:
Little John (@lvj) needs a place to live and we can help

All friends of @lvj, Are you part of it, we will help to stay safe and warm

Come with input, thoughts ideas and we will put this diligence

Due to the language barrier, I have asked Juan to put out feelers for a place to rent. He has many friends in the area. I have personally asked about rooms for rent that offer shared kitchen and shared (but private) bathroom - showers, but managers of such 'hotel familiar' places have refused him because of how he looks or where he currently lives. The first question is "Who is it for?"

Apartments rent for $300 to $600 per month, plus deposit, but the catch is that someone who owns an apartment or property must put up their home as a guarantee. That and discrimination are the norm. The building where he used to live is full. Even so, I am not sure if that would be an option. It would depend on the owner.

I could have a roof over his head in a day, but he would be terrified to live among needle addicts. Those and alcoholics, a problem that Juan has put behind him. I cannot even take my phone out to shoot pictures of the places available near the train station. I travel several times a week to record his videos and try to meet and communicate with those who know him. They remind me of prisons. As soon as I can, I will try to write a proper update on his situation.

hi @done

Understand that it's not easy, see that there are problems with what you're talking about

But in the long term, there will be a solution and I hope we can help.

Seeing that many comment on the @lvj blog, maybe some of them are from the same area and possibly they know someone who is renting out. There may be a small possibility.

I'm willing to start an action for @lvj on Steemit when you think it's right to do that

Thank you Juancito for this video, the life is hard and obviously even having close people around you not always that helps.

I was sorry to hear that you have been robbed, but that is what can happen when you are on the street, luckily nothing happened to yourself. Like my mother would say no matter what you lost, important is that you are healthy and alive. But the bitter taste of that event remains in your heart for some time. it is nice to see Alejandro and that now you have a radio, I believe in lonely nights radio is your best friend.

Take care and we will see you soon :)

Thanks for you to see

I hope that you can find a home soon where you can be safe from robbers and it is great that Alejandro is helping you @lvj
@done @nathanmars @xpilar and the rest of steemit is here to help you, take care now.

Thanks i nees this help

The story of your life really inspired me @lvj... you were able to get out of adversity with a smile.

Then comes someone who calls a friend, he loves you like his own family.

I followed what your helper did, I'm sure I will get a reward for his kindness.

On the other hand I was inspired by your consistency in being on Dtube, without special talent, without the slightest desire and passion, but someone you call a friend has turned you into this beauty, this really can't be measured financially, because many things cannot be bought with money.

Greetings from me for your pahlamawan who have changed you as beautifully as this.

interesting to watch this video thanks for sharing it :)

Hello, my friend is very nice.
Can spend holidays with friends and also have fun with our beloved friends
Thank you for sharing my friend @lvj

Hola @lvj ,te imagino como una persona que tiene muchos temas de conversación , por esto es que las personas se acercan a ti , pienso que tus experiencias nos dejan moralejas para adoptarlas a nuestras vidas , gracias por compartirlas .
Feliz domingo:)

Lo que es evidente es el aprecio que te tiene la gente amigo, eso es invalorable y es tu mayor tesoro, el don de gente.

Hello @lvj great video, and as you say at the beginning of this post, you better think of the good times and not the bad times of your life.

Bad times gone good times comes

The dog looks very tame and he really likes caresses.

That's a really cool name, he looks obedient😃

I think we should remember bad times and keep quiet

Thanks and see the part 5 on jaunary 2019

@lvj, you have to keep some valuable things at more safer place, it is really bad that they took your staffs, But thank God, you are okay. Say my regard to Alejandro. keep the radio better this time, or at least try to avoid the dark spot at night. Keep safe my friend, I want to see you always on steemit. Wish you all the best things

You have prepared a very nice video, sir.

Hola Juancito. Como va todo? Espero que todo vaya muy bien! No entendi mucho de que hablaban Alejandro y tu, habia mucho ruido. Veo que te trajo una radio. Te vas a distraer con ella?. Veo que la pasas muy bien con tu amigo, contandose sus anecdotas y pasando un buen rato, espero esos momentos no cambien. Que sean más y mucho mejores. Que lindo perro guia sale también en video, se nota que es juguetón! Por otra parte corre mucho viento en la ciudad eso también hace que no se escuche muy bien lo que hablan.

Que estes bien. Saludos!

No hay buen audio pero hablamos lo mismo quedije en ingles

No hay buen audio pero hablamos lo mismo quedije en ingles

Hola Juancito.. feliz domingo, que malo que se llevaron tu radio, pero Alejandro es un gran amigo..!! Gracias a Dios por otorgarte esos angeles en tu vida..

Es cachorro de la foto esta muy bello, parece el del empaque de perrarina en Venezuela jaja
Saludos amigo disfruta tu nueva vida la renovación de @lvj

De regalo una foto inedita

Es hembra y se llama briza aho con sus sueños ale y au señora aikvana

Es un hermosura la verdad que si ❤

La ultima parte de este video es muy entretenidad digo cuando compartes tu relato con alejandro y cuando llega la perrita que parece que entiende el ingles, ahora entiendo por que tienes tantos amigos :). Un saludo

You have managed to get out of a bad zone, now you have a pleasant zone.
Many of our friends are still trapped in their bad zones, let's invite them to get up and fight for victory.

Los amigos de lo ajeno te pasaron visitando, que mal. Pero tu amigo no te abandona que bueno es eso. Saludos mi pana.

Hola amigo, es genial que tu vida cambió y lo seguirá haciendo en el nombre de dios, dar gracias por los amigos que han aportado un granito de arena en tu nueva vida ahora

Es realmente una historia que te deja pesando y agradeciendo las grandes y pequeñas cosas de la vida.
Grande Juan, eres todo un luchador.

Lamentablemente en la vida asi como hay gente buena tambien las hay malas que solo viven para hacer daño a los demas. Juan aprovecha esta oportunidad que te da la vida para recuperarte y vivir lo mejor. Que el tiempo pasado solo sea un mal sueño. Cuidate y muchas bendiciones, lo mejor esta por llegar.

Greetings, @lvj, your story is an inspiration for many people who, unfortunately, are in a street situation. I wish there were more people like those who helped you out of the street. unfortunately, in my country, there are many people in that situation ... I wish you millions of blessings and good luck in everything you propose

Outstanding video sir

very interesting story and full of joy with full of experience.

Hello John, thank you for telling us about your life, in which you have gone through many adversities but you have overcome them like a warrior.
Good q Alejandro found you another radio, try to make the videos indoors because the noise of the street and the breeze are strong and the video is not heard well, that dog is very beautiful.

Hola Juan, gracias por compartir un pedacito de tus vivencias, cuídate de los ladrones, lo material se recupera. Saludos a los amigos buenos que siempre te están apoyando. Que Dios te proteja y un abrazote desde Venezuela.

Excelente video Juan, lamento saber que te robaron, es bueno que cuentes con amigos como Alejandro para ayudarte, qué estés bien.

Saludos Juancito, lamento mucho que te robaran, y lamento mucho las penurias que te ha tocado vivir, debes tomarlo como insentivo para ser cada día mejor. Cuidate mucho.

Incredible post, I like this post, much obliged for shearing an extraordinary video's.

Saludos querido amigo, tu historia es fuerte por eso hay que rememorarla , y ver donde y como sucedieron las cosas y el porque, no podemos caer nuevamente a esa situación. guarda tus cosas de la gente mala y cuidate tu tambien.

I LOVE your story. and this dog is so beautiful @little john

Hola querido juan, que mal que te hayan robado, gracias a Dios cuentas con amigos.. me gusta mucho ese perro, es hermoso.

It seems that the story of your life's struggle is very interesting, I am impressed to hear a little about it even though basically you let bad things be stored in your mind without telling us ...
I hope you can continue to enjoy happiness and not experience bad things again.

fantastic blog, upvote and resteem your post
have a nice day

Your new video has been great. You have been able to change your life a lot. Pray for you in the future so that you can change your life further. @lvj

Epale mi pana, como es eso que le robaron? guarda bien las cosas para que no vuelva a suceder, hay muchos amigos de lo ajeno, tu historia es para analizar compa.


Extremely extraordinary, I like your fourth video

Awesome story

Saludos amigo Juan, me entristece que te hayan robado, sin embargo eso es solo algo material, asi es, no pierda la esperanza.

@lvj, Unfortunate to hear about the Robbing and good to know that you have friends who care for you and that's really important aspect for sure. And life is story of experiences and people face the dynamic situations. But yes, when we face the tough and rough phases for years then the meaning of life get changes. But hope and wish that your new journey will going to hold the great results.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh no so sorry you were robbed but so nice you have friends to help you!

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I liked the video very much like the video.

Alejandro is a very good friend, he bought you a new radio for you.

Hello, my dear friend is very very nice and great vidio dtube
i like your story my dear friend @lvj

It’s great to see you that you are sharing you life journey on steem platform. It’s is what makes us believe in steem

Hi @lvj, glad to see you again, Awesome story. I am very interested in your story. thanks for sharing.

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Friend @lvj!
Your life is very upheaval.You have seen your life very closely. It has felt very good bad experiences. Your story is very painful as you have spent a lot of time in the hospital. It is very bad that your radio was robbed, your best friend Alejandro is a kind hearted man who bought radio for your and take care of you.

Great post @lvj.
I like your story everyday.

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Tnx @lvj for sharing your hard life story.
I feel very sad for u.
Take care my friend.

Very impressive can have many stories, hopefully you can share your life experiences with us all..

Hi dear, what are you doing, are you okay?
Gathering with friends is very pleasant and also very happy for me
The account is eager to be with you there.
But I have no money to go there

Hello @lvj, nice to meet you again. I was shocked to hear that you were robbed? but are you okay now?

really nice alejandro. I am amazed by the kindness that is in his heart.

The story of your life is very worthy to be filmed, I am ready to be the director for the your film, the scenario about the story of the trip you are telling is very interesting ...😊

Are you beaten by robbers so you have to sleep in the hospital ??

Hey @lvj, the story of your life is fantastic, there be many trials that you have faced in your life, hopefully you will continue to share life stories so that we can learn from your life experiences..

Hey @lvj, you shouldn't bring a lot of money so they don't rob you, it's very scary if have to deal with robbers many times.

A veces hago que tus publicaciones sean una motivación para probar más y convertirme en el modelo a seguir de otra persona.

Wow,very inspiring, bad things shouldn't be told.😊

Good job @lvj
You are very great, to follow

Thsnks are great the work together

happy to see you with a smile like this @lvj. Friends around you are also happy with you. this is visible from the look on their faces.

Tu historia es muy inspiradora. Muchas personas continúan viviendo en apuros.

Alejandro is so good that he wants to replace the radio for you, it's nice to have friends as good as him.

A very good story my friend has followed your story from three months ago

Después de leer tu publicación, casi lloré y me conmovió lo que pasaste en los últimos meses.

Your life story is very moved
Career journey from the beginning until you succeed in getting what you want

Your story part four on dtube I like it.
Thank @lvj for sharing your story
Good for you have a many good friend.

Alejandro good man.
I like your video @lvj.
Thank you for sharing your story.
I like your friend.

Your suffering is very heavy, I hope you can learn from life experiences ...

Hi @lvj, I hope you no longer get bad luck.

You have to set up your own gang so you can deal with other gangs, so you will be able to prevent yourself from robbery ..

Hay que rabia que te robaran, conchale que problema, pero tu amigo benefactor no te abandona, hay que cuidar las cosas no es facil tenerlas y se consiguen con mucho esfuerzo. Sigue mejorando todo te va muy bien y eso es lo bueno y la cantidad de amigos que tienes, y la perrita briza que linda yo tengo un perrito se llama Nano y me acompaña acostado a un ladito mientras escribo y cuando salgo a caminar, aunque tengo varios dias sin hacerlo esta dificil hasta salir a distraerse uno no sabe conque se va a topar en las calles, aunque mi zona es muy tranquila. Cuidate un abrazo @lvj

I advise you to bring sharp weapons, so you can fight all robberies.

I advise you to
Bring sharp weapons, so you can
Fight all robberies.

                 - ratna.sari

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I hope you will have a much better life.

Que broma compadre! en verdad te ha tocado pasar por muchas situaciones dificiles, pero no pierdas la fe, sigue adelante amigo. Un fuerte apreton de manos desde Venezuela

Bello haberlo vivido da para una serie netflix

Part four video is mind blowing, keep it up little john

God will never forgive the rober of your radio and congratulate you for getting the new radio.

Very nice story thanks for sharing.

Fabulous post sharing, i see your video's.

Nicee vedio :) you are a strong man and i hope all your wishes come true @lvj

I love your story.. this is the beautiful dog very excited thanks for share nice post..

Thank for sharing post @lvj
Good luck

Hola @lvj
Gracias por esta publicación y siempre estoy esperando la próxima publicación.

Hola mi pana. Saludos te comento, tengo problemas con mi navegador no lo puedo actualizar es por esa razon no puedo ver el video el lunes en mi oficina lo veo.
Cuidate mi pana un gran abrazo desde Venezuela

Wow tu vida es muy pesada como lo que siento que tengo que encontrar dinero para mis necesidades diarias para poder comer

El viaje de tu vida tiene muchos obstáculos, pero lo has superado probando con paciencia.

ESo es correcto, donde duermes por ahora. Prnto tendrás algo mejor.

I likeee your vedioo and afcose your story i always support you @lvj😊 GOD bless you.

Parece que no tienes suficientes amigos en reposo si te falta dormir

Hola Juancito, realmente es lamentable y frustrante cuando te quitan algo tuyo, pero va a sonar trillado "lo material se puede recuperar" , gracias a Dios estas vivo y sano. Ademas cuentas con grandes amistades que te apoyan para seguir adelante. !Vamos Juan tu puedes!
Por cierto ¿no te han dicho que te pareces a Del Potro? jajaja

Hi @lvj, Great story. I learned a lot from your stories. Thank you for sharing here.

Hola @lvj
Gracias por esta publicación y siempre estoy esperando la próxima publicación.

Keep the faith, you are great and has great friend Juan.

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People think you can change in an instant, even though there have been a lot of difficulties that really prevent you, I think this change comes through many obstacles and the bitter experience you feel. Enjoy the independence of O my friend @lvj and thanks to @done for helping many people, hopefully the good he does in the day can get a reply someday.

You have to set up your own gang so you can deal with other gangs, so you will be able to prevent yourself from robbery ..

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