Home is what we make of it

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Our Home is where we spend all our lives. Major time of our lives are spent in 2 places one is our Home and the another is our workplace, so the energy of these 2 places are very important. A work place if we do not enjoy then we have the opportunity to change it and we can change it as many times as we want. But changing a home is not possible, we may be able to change it once or twice in our life time but not every year or every few years. So it becomes all the more important to have good energy in our home space.

After all how does the energy of the home builds up, it builds up with our own energy. It is entirely upon us how we shape the energy of our home. Do we even first understand the energy of our home. It is not about a fancy home, it can be a very simple home and yet be full of energy. There are times when people do not enjoy living in palatial homes and there are times when people enjoy living a very small apartment. It is all about the energy that is felt and experienced in the space. If people enjoy visiting our home, when they leave if they go with happy faces it does mean that the energy of the home is good and uplifting. Whereas there are times when we visit some homes and we do not wish to be there for long time.


Let me give you my own example, there was a time when I did not like to step into my own home in Mumbai. It was almost 15 years back. There were constant issues with my mother in law and there was always gloominess at home. I would prefer to stay in office then come home. I felt much better in office, so I would leave at 8 a.m. for work and would only return by 8 p.m. home so that does not give me much time at home. Now that's not the case anymore, now I do not like to leave my home. When I realized how low the energy of my home was, I started working on it, just not the home, but on myself also and other people of my home as well. After all, we together were giving that dull energy to our home and it was reflecting back to us.

A happy healthy home is a key to our happiness and that does not happen by itself. It is our own effort that goes into making it a beautiful haven to stay. This is one place which is in our hands to shape, as it is outside there is so much chaos and negativity. So a home should be a place where we can feel safe, secured and happy and it should be our place where we feel relaxed and enjoy being.

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