The June HODL Challenge - Week 1

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And here we gooooooo....

May was a disaster if you are looking for returns. We still have our 0.011 BTC but we spent $100 in fiat to get that on May 1st. That same amount of BTC ended up being worth around $82 in fiat as of today....

That's not great but the BIG nugget is....We still own the BTC :)

Over the past few months we've only HODL'd one coin / token for the challenge. So in June, we're going back to picking up 5 coins and tokens and seeing which one comes out on top.

So this month we have picked up:



Everyone's new darling. I was not around when the Ned / Dan split happened, so not too sure what caused all the drama. Personally, I think crypto is big enough for everyone but my heart is in STEEM obviously. Regardless, June is launch month for EOS so we grabbed 2 to see how it performs over the next few weeks.


I was in a Discord group chat earlier and one of the speakers suggested to try it out. These guys were a lot smarter than me when it comes to crypto so I dove in and grabbed 58 of them. I'm not too familiar with the project but am excited to learn about it!


A rank 25 coin that have everyone raving over the past few months. When everything was going red, this thing was in the green! We'll see how it performs over the next month as well. We grabbed 181 ZIL!


Another darling of the crypto community. Lots of experts in the crypto world seem to be very bullish on PIVX. It's apparently a TRUE privacy coin and that excites a lot of people. We secured 5 PIVX for this month's HODL challenge.


You'll notice a trend this month....We picked the majority of the coins and tokens that seem to have all the press and publicity. WanChain is another project that the experts love. Let's give it a go! 4 WAN is now in our portfolio.

The total of all the coins and tokens came up to $99.98 in fiat as our investment.

And now the fun begins.....Which of these 5 do you think has the brightest future and more specifically, which one do you think will come out on top this month?

Leave your comments below and remember...I upvote ALL comments in the discussion! I appreciate your time reading and watching this post, the least I can do is reward your engagement :)

Edit: I noticed I typo'ed the typo! Main tag for this post was supposed to be 'hodl' but of course...Auto correct and I didn't notice until a few hours after....Smooth, I know....Hold, Hodl...Whatever works :)

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Hi @jongolson,

And HODL we shall! Really enjoyed your article and wanted to see if you'd be interested in more profit potential. If so, we are looking for creative talent to join us during our Alpha Test.
If that does not interest you at the time, at least give us a follow to benefit from a free trial.

Abou us: Introduction and Leverage TIMM for profit.

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Thanks for the comments and vote. Very interesting, I appreciate the info....Let me take a look for sure :)

Cool deal, let us know if you have any questions. We are pretty active on Discord if you'd like to chat.

Will do. About to step out for a few hours (wife has a list of things for me to do this afternoon lol) But I'll join the Discord as soon as I get home. Appreciate the invite!

Hey man you know what they say about that. happy wife, happy life! :D

See ya there ;)

Interesting... I bought 1,000 EOS in July 2017 for about $2/EOS.

Then this month (May) I did some EOS/BTC swap trading and now got 1,038 EOS @ about $12/EOS. :)

My latest investment is into EDG, got myself 1,099 of those bad boys. ;)

Nice nice. I pretty focused on STEEM and a few others and haven't really looked into other projects lately. But this HODL challenge allows me to have a vested interest in the entire crypto space.

BTW... did you check your EOS are ready for the big switch?

You can find details at:

Yeah I'm on Binance. Should be good to go. Hearing it might be messy though. Personally, I don't know enough the project to really have an opinion.....Did I mention I love STEEM? lolol

I believe you did. ;)

I just got 10 Steam Power so far... are you a Steem Power Millionaire already? :)

Ha ha ha ha Not even close. If it goes to the moon maybe....But this is a long term strategy for me. The social aspects of it, I wanna build my brand here for the long term and build the Steem Power up over time :)

I will be hodling til the day bitcoin dies which is never

Absolutely!!!! Agreed 100000%

Thanks for sharing this., I'm learning a lot. Just another step i'm learning from BitcoinBully, which is how I found you :)

Awesome! Welcome to Steemit and to BCB :) Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Wow what a day. Just started recently with Bitcoin Bully and finally am getting with it trying to figure out the steemit system. I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to bitcoin and I have only bought tokens twice in the past. The only one on your list I know of is EOS but have only heard positive things on it so I guess your on the right track with that one.
I will follow your progress and hope to follow your suggestions soon. Back to my Bitcoin Bully training now.

Awesome! Welcome to Steemit and to Bitcoin Bully :)

Yeah these little experiments of mine don't always pan out LOL Only month we actually 'won' was in April when we hodl'd STEEM.

Drop me a line in Discord or Steemit if you have any questions at all :)

you can count on it. You might want to keep plenty beer on hand as you will be hearing from me alot lol. Thanks again for Bitcoin Bully and the $$$$

Ha ha ha ha No worries man. Anytime!

This is a really cool series that you do. I think that EOS is definitely a safe bet. We've never seen a coin take off like this prior to launch and it's got a LOT of very excited backers supporting it. I don't know much about the other coins except for PIVX. I used to hold quite a bit of it but it was one that got sold off when I went "almost" all in with Steem. Anyways, look forward to seeing how this does at the end of the 4 weeks. Really cool idea!!

Thanks man. Yeah I'm learning about all these coins and even trying to play catch up on the EOS hype lol

Be interesting to see what happens for them all over the next few weeks.

hodl Lisk - vote 101 - core 1.0.0 release soon - block size reduction in autumn from 4 to 3 - sdk coming - javascript - building community 👁️

Don't know a lot about that project but I know @richardtaylor has been talking about it to me as something we should look at.

As always with crypto, an interesting month! Looking forward to June. Not so much for moonshots, but to explore the coins selected more. A diverse group, any one of which could have good potential.

Rocking the HODL once again. What an amazing time to be involved!

I agree. Moonshots are so 2017 LOL I love growth. But doesn't need to sky rocket....Just give me the value, the utility and the long term vision...I'm golden :)

A HODL we will go... my oh my... I am in for the long hall of course the misses is like... How is our money doing? I am telling her it is holding steady! I should tell her I am HODLing steady... of course the response will be... huh? Interesting picks... when you have skin in the game it makes you more curious on the results. Lets see how they turn out!

Oh for sure LOL I'm lucky. My wife is just like....I trust ya...Go nuts.....

We'll see how long that last in these red markets LOLOL


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