📇 Do You Own EOS ? Then You Need To Take Action Now

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EOS is about to launch it's mainnet and many of you with EOS seem to not know you need to move your coins or register them in order to claim them when this launch happens.

Currently EOS is a token on the Ethereum network an erc20 token, these tokens are set to no longer work after June 2, 2018 at 11:59 UTC and for eosDAC it is June 1, 2018 11:59 UTC. Failure to register/ move these tokens to supported systems will yield them as a total loss.

Are you already registered ?

Lets find out by going to https://etherscan.io/ and in the search field type in the Ethereum address you used to have your EOS tokens transferred to you. If you find them verify that this address has the EOS/eosDAC tokens or are they on multiple addresses. If they are on multiple addresses you will need to register all of them or simply move them to one address that is registered.

Next go to https://eoscountdown.com/ countdown page for EOS and in the bottom/mid left will be a box to verify my EOS! Input your Ethereum wallet here and click the button. If you get a green message saying your all set then your good to go!

However if you don't there is a complicated method which involves downloading the github repo, generating keys and all that fun stuff.
or go to https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/ and generate your keys here (however not totally secure so proceed at your own risk or disconnect from the internet when you generate your keys) Remember your keys are EVERYTHING if you lose them you lose everything or if they are stolen then that person has your coins as well.

But in the case of this article I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. (however if you do have the know how to do the above then I will always recommend that method as it is important to always have your own wallet and your own keys)

What exchanges will support EOS token swap ?

So far the ones we know of are...


Simply move your EOS tokens to these exchanges and once the main net launches you should have your new EOS coins you need for the new system.

Of course like I said before this puts the exchanges in control and not yourself. It is a much simpler method if you don't understand how to do it yourself.

All the best and happy EOS main net launch to you all!



Exodus wallet also has a really simple one-click registration!

I was curious about Exodus do you have a link to an article by them etc to show how they are supporting it? Thanks!

True that, very simple

I also saw that before I even knew about this swap. Very simple.

There is another backdrop of registrations going on by a group that is a candidate for EOS node, EOS Authority. They will help register most tokens unregistered and also provide a link to verify you are registered and how many remain unregistered. I am not affiliated in any way nor can represent any assurances but it seems legit:

I have already registered the tokens but the public key shown does not match the stored.

The only problem I have with EOS is the fact that US residents can't receive the partner airdrops ):

well done!
thank you! if you like to claim more free token, check this out!!
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Thanks much for this information

Thanks for the great information. Was looking for a list of exchanges who swap the tokens. Now i've found one. great!

Thank you for the info

This is important and useful information.
We must be very careful to do it, because the risk is also great.
I hope, you will success with it.
Thanks for sharing us @bitcoinflood

Big day is around the corner

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I have my EOS in binance and u have been so worried about what becomes of it as moving it might take a little time. Thanks for this info. Will just leave it there.

Thank you for reminding me about eosDAC, I had forgotten about those :)

appreaciate the reminder and guidance.

Thank you for the informative post, some of us crypto~dummies out here need all tha halp we can get! Your crypto~confused friend and fellow STEEMer . . .

I like the humble post abg post, bang do not forget lik have my jga ya.

what about bitshares openledger ?


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