The June HODL Challenge - Week 4

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I have to be honest...I'm pretty glad this month is almost over.

And no, it's not because of the red markets we've been experiencing...It's the tokens and coins we choose for this months HODL challenge. I'm just not excited about any of them to be honest. And I think that is because I'm all about utility these days and could care less about speculation.

I'm sure EOS is going to be fantastic and it'll do everything as advertised. I just don't really care about this project and it's all I've been hearing about for months now...Even on Steemit. I'm sure WANchain, Zilliqa, ChainLink and PIVX are all fantastic projects....But I don't 'USE" any of these coins or tokens at all right now.

Maybe down the road, I will but for now...I'm just glad June is almost over.

We're down for the month but hey...Up for the week :) I'll take that win!

Let's see how we did....


Apparently, the main net launch didn't go as advertised and crypto Twitter was having a field day poking fun at EOS. It's still a top 10 coin for a reason so I'm sure things will work out. We ended the hodl challenge at $10.43 per token. Up from last week's $10.30 but still down from week 1. We will not be holding this coin going forward.


ChainLink is the project that was recommended to me. To be honest, it didn't do much this month which is almost a win lol Nothing to write home about here but it is up a penny from last week. Yet like we'll see with all these projects, down from June 1st buy in price. We will not be holding onto ChainLink either going forward.


The darling of the markets in April and May, didn't have a great June (like almost everything out there though...) It remained even at 9 cents each from last week to this week. But again, down from June 1st's buy in price. HODL? Nope, this one won't make the cut going forward.


You might question our decision here, but PIVX will be the project we hold onto for the remainder of the year. Even though it's down since June 1st and even down from last week, it's the project that makes the most sense to me. And you will understand more of why we're choosing this one in the future months. Nothing to exciting though, it's not a project that keeps me up at night...But given the choices this month LOL We'll go with PIVX.


Wanchain was heralded as one of the most important blockchain projects of the year. Crypto experts were raving about it, it was going to revolutionize everything...And even clean your dishes too! It had it all...Heck it even had a winning week. But we won't be going forward....Mostly because. It's confusing. It's complicated. And it's pure speculation. Will it end up being the be all and end all of blockchain projects? Maybe. People a lot smarter than me think so...Maybe that's why I'm scared of it LOL

Totals this week at $74.66 up from $73.69 last week.

All in all, June is coming to a close and we're glad it is. The markets were horrible this month and while some people think we're coming out of the bearish point in the year, I'm ready for anything LOL July is a big month for me personally, so over the next few days I'm going to be paying close attention to projects that spark my interest.

We will finish up the month next week and give you the totals as well as announce our new hodl tokens and coins for July :)

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It has been an interesting month in the HODL Challenge! We took a different approach to coin choice this time and tried to examine some newer projects.

Overall, we have managed to keep our 'less than stellar' initial results streak alive and well! I am still excited to see 'where' we are at the end of the year with the coins we keep. THAT will be the determining factor in how well this HODL Challenge actually went.

Tune in to see what we move on to in July. Who knows, we might just rock the month!

We should get back to utility next month too....Binance Coin...All in LOL

Ohh yeah, BNB for the win!

Yeah man...I mean, these 'projects' are really starting to bore me LOL I'm sure they are all fantastic and will be very useful in 2020....But I wanna USE crypto right now! STEEM, BTC and BNB....All I want LOL

Does not sound like you had good picks this month, maybe next month you can do better.

Hope so....I think I'm going to change my approach next month....All about utility LOL

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