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RE: Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex-Girlfriend

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Please can you guys prove who you claim you are?

I invite everyone not to upvote this post unless they think this was posted by the real Hodgetwins.

If it's you guys, I'm glad you're on Steem and it's a pretty cool so please prove who you are guys.

Welcome on Steem guys!

That video cracked me up!

Now you're on for some serious crypto gainz!


BOOM! If you guys are ever in Las Vegas, I own a UFC gym that you can use anytime if interested. I think I talked to one of your guys in 2013 for showing up but you were to busy with the fitness shows, good to see you guys here :)

hey! I love the UFC gym! Im on the east coast. you own one? thats amazing! hows business?

Just one in Las Vegas, my twin and I had it for about 5 years 😀

Allll kinddds of gaaains!
fackbook ht steemit.png

Lol!! 💪💪💪💪💪

You think you know how awesome it is that you're here but you have no idea. It's really really awesome!

welcome to the crypto space guys been a long time fan. I go by Mr. Bitcoin check out my site to learn anything about crypto


still new here how do we verified ourselves

@ teamsteem I meant verify ourselves we sound like a dumbass, but I thought we were already approved

My vote is worth more than 100$ so I don't want to throw it around without being sure to whom I'm sending it to.

I just saw one of your video from Youtube talking about cryptocurrencies and Steem. That was pretty sweet and funny.

I really look forward to you guys verifying yourself. That will be pretty awesome!

hahaha me toooo!! ^^^ this whole thing already cracked me up

@teamsteem Now that's what I call some Serious Weight on STEEMIT ($100.00) UP Votes. I just came over to see @hodgetwins because of Charles @stackin and It is TIME for us to GET more Prime Time on STEEMIT !

@teamsteem, you know I'm verified and well vetted....wink wink LOL. And you still have a open invite to come on the music and money show anytime mate!

$100? Wow! Star struck 😮

You are awesome :D love your vedios <3

That’s good idea for them to do a video all on Steem, I seen them talk about Steem a few days ago in one of there account on YouTube! Glad to see them here 😀

Been following you guys since 2011 I think! All Kindzzzz of Gainz, All Kindzzzz”

Tottaly agree, they should make a video! But i hope it's them, i stopped using youtube because i didn't like the way they treat new channels, i started only using steemit
I hope more youtubers come to this platform, they are the second bodybuilder youtubers that came to steemit, the first one was BrianTurner vegan bodybuilder

That's a great idea from you... Nice one

I posted a message on there you tube channel to get there attention about this

Even though i understand what you are saying, it's still better for them to do it... better be safe than sorry, i could just create a pewdiepie channel and post his videos on the channel after all xD

we welcome them nicely, i also I'm a twice but my other bro Nelson dude is Internet phobia 😁 😁 😁 😈,

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