I also linked this URL on your "Community" tab in Youtube (Hodgetwins). Please confirm..

PS: Asnwer with the following in your Community Tab please: "Yes we ARE real!".

It's so dope to see y'all on D.Tube. Welcome to the community for the people by the people. Y'all can upload y'all old videos here to as a back up btw

welcome. I remember when you first started youtube. This will be your new home :D

You guys are cute damn

Ex-Girlfriend? 😆 Think about me instead guys 😅 Some peeks to make your day...

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Thank you

@monsteroids. Why won't they just come here. Perhaps "here" is underrated? But that is understandable. We need those YouTube fitness channels here. I second you on that one.

Let’s get Chris Jones from “Pump Chasers” over here 🤣💪🏼🙌🏼💯

First furiouspete and now Hodgetwins, this is starting to get serious 🧐. Super excited for you all to explore the platform and wish you the best on here!

Seconded you @stackin! An admirer here!

My Name is Josh pray I also do comedy check me up on steemit

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yesssssssssssssss !


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I saw lot of youtubers joining over here.

This steemit channel is about to hit the moon!!!


Here's hoping!

wow what can I say you guys are a fucking crackup.. made me laugh... just what i needed.. thx

followers Back

I agree with you if it was so simple!And suddenly love?Uuuu is worse than illness!Well, if not, then you need to come off!)))


My name is Josh pray I also do comedy check me out

@monsteroiids, i am confident steemit will soon take over the social media space in no time. many more schmucks with youtube fitness channels are coming down here, i literally see steemit being the game changer for social media platforms.

That's a very nice one

Please can you guys prove who you claim you are?

I invite everyone not to upvote this post unless they think this was posted by the real Hodgetwins.

If it's you guys, I'm glad you're on Steem and it's a pretty cool so please prove who you are guys.

Welcome on Steem guys!

That video cracked me up!

Now you're on for some serious crypto gainz!

BOOM! If you guys are ever in Las Vegas, I own a UFC gym that you can use anytime if interested. I think I talked to one of your guys in 2013 for showing up but you were to busy with the fitness shows, good to see you guys here :)

hey! I love the UFC gym! Im on the east coast. you own one? thats amazing! hows business?

Just one in Las Vegas, my twin and I had it for about 5 years 😀

Allll kinddds of gaaains!
fackbook ht steemit.png

Lol!! 💪💪💪💪💪

You think you know how awesome it is that you're here but you have no idea. It's really really awesome!

welcome to the crypto space guys been a long time fan. I go by Mr. Bitcoin check out my site to learn anything about crypto


still new here how do we verified ourselves

@ teamsteem I meant verify ourselves we sound like a dumbass, but I thought we were already approved

My vote is worth more than 100$ so I don't want to throw it around without being sure to whom I'm sending it to.

I just saw one of your video from Youtube talking about cryptocurrencies and Steem. That was pretty sweet and funny.

I really look forward to you guys verifying yourself. That will be pretty awesome!

hahaha me toooo!! ^^^ this whole thing already cracked me up

@teamsteem Now that's what I call some Serious Weight on STEEMIT ($100.00) UP Votes. I just came over to see @hodgetwins because of Charles @stackin and It is TIME for us to GET more Prime Time on STEEMIT !

@teamsteem, you know I'm verified and well vetted....wink wink LOL. And you still have a open invite to come on the music and money show anytime mate!

$100? Wow! Star struck 😮

You are awesome :D love your vedios <3

That’s good idea for them to do a video all on Steem, I seen them talk about Steem a few days ago in one of there account on YouTube! Glad to see them here 😀

Been following you guys since 2011 I think! All Kindzzzz of Gainz, All Kindzzzz”

Tottaly agree, they should make a video! But i hope it's them, i stopped using youtube because i didn't like the way they treat new channels, i started only using steemit
I hope more youtubers come to this platform, they are the second bodybuilder youtubers that came to steemit, the first one was BrianTurner vegan bodybuilder

That's a great idea from you... Nice one

I posted a message on there you tube channel to get there attention about this

Even though i understand what you are saying, it's still better for them to do it... better be safe than sorry, i could just create a pewdiepie channel and post his videos on the channel after all xD

we welcome them nicely, i also I'm a twice but my other bro Nelson dude is Internet phobia 😁 😁 😁 😈,

These guys are awesome! I know they've been getting the boot on youtube, on account that these guys are insanely uncensored.

Great to see you guys here! I bought tickets to your March 7 show in NYC, i'll be watching and hopefully I can get a T shirt design out to you guys to help promo this platform!

See this page for the design!

upvoted to bump to the top!

Heard about you guys through @trevonjb followed and upvoted you guys

And agree with tre do a introduceyourself video you can check out some other ones to get an idea what to do but you guys look like you know what your doin.

Trevon, thanks for backing the hodge twins up. They really can do great here on steemit!

Yes, just a quick intro vid it will do excellent! Welcome boys so glad you are now apart of steemit legends!
Yo @trevonjb where have the posts been brother??? It has been too long..

I agree with trevon. He should be your #1 consultant. Welcome to steem guys. You guys are going to kill it here.

Yes I agree on that

Article is protected by The U.S. Constitution 1776

As the @hodgetwins enter on Feb. 11, 2018.

Mr Trevon James a famous youtuber and one of the spoke faces of Bitconnect has partially called it quits on Steemit.

In his press release, he has stated that he will purchase "more Steem Power to curate content." While not posting articles, anymore.



Article is protected by The U.S. Constitution 1776

What's with all the constitution stuff?

Mr Trevon James freedom of speech has been obstructed in the first @hodgetwins post.

The opinion of the @hodgetwins is very important, since it happened here.

In the U.S. a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Hilarious! Love watching you guys.

Awesome!! welcome to Steemit, Please get Steven Crowder and Jared to join too. All you guys rock!

these one is quite interesting

Welcome to the community guys! Great to see people such as yourself coming over to dtube and steemit. Get that intro video up soon for those who might not know you as of yet.


Been following you guys on YouTube for years. Great to see you here #respect.

Whoa! I, too, is happy, that bloggers with popular sites come in Steemit! Because of this, I think that many fans of their talent will come here. Our community is growing, and it pleases!

how to do and what to do to get votes from you, if you could please teach me a little about the world of steemit, without upvote from you
thanks a lot @thejohalfiles, I really appreciate this

@thejohalfiles much #RESPECT to you for helping people in this community..making them feel at home..i believe you deserve a reward...Thank You

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They are going to let this thing bleed for the next 30 years when all of those who are accountable are dead.

I cant but help get the vibe, that these twins are in the closet gay for each other behind the scenes. Lmk if it's just me. Thumbs up if you feel the same...

Whats up you guys!! Great to have you here on the platform
I mentioned you guys in my morning coffee show - check it out or don't - think you guys will find the ending quite funny.
Have a great time on steemit y'all.

Wow!!!! $610 on your first post!!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! Following you on here :)

I wish I'd made that on my first post! Or any of them for that matter.

Great to see the Hodgetwins here!! You should do an intro video for steem!! Looking forward for you guys being on steemit!

This is pretty fucking cool. HodgeTwins are hilarious!

This will help you forget about your ex! ;)

i wanna see but WHERE is your ex-girlfriend:)

Welcome to Gain City!

WOO HOO hi hodgetwins!! Welcome to steemit!! I'm looking forward to all the great entertainment and good jawline shots you will add to our community! I think you will like it here!

You guys would definitely GAIN by adding the tag introduceyourself!

I'm glad to have you here on Steem for some serious crypto gainz!

lol MASSIVE gains lol, this will advance the growth of steemit alot, they have a huge following. Great news for steemit.


For anyone that doesn't think this is the real hodgetwins here is a video of them discussing steemit and them creating a account, from a 1 day ago.

TimeStamp is 8:22

@hodgetwins For the time being, you can make a quick post like the comment i made showing that you guys mentioned steemit in your youtube video. That would make alot people, conviced until you guys can make a video tomorrow.

You guys are fucking hilarious! Love your videos - welcome to Steemit!


Who is Hodget, and how does he win?

Welcome guys i'm a big fan, glad your on steemit now! Lets start making those life gains :D

#SHARKATTACK WELCOME to STEEMIT/DTube. With great power comes great responsibility. Seeing as you guys have such a following please use it to help this growing community.da shark.jpg RESPECT

Made a post introducing you guys! So hyped for the The Twins, themselves to be on steemit!

We're close to a tipping point with Steemit, I can see a lot more famous YouTube channels coming and cannot wait to see where this takes us!

giphy (1).gif

So very true my Friend! Out of this world! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I absolutely love it! You have an outstanding reply of how I am feeling about our future here on the GREAT STEEMIT! It is going to be a PHENOMENAL year for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! SO WELL DESERVED! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Been following you guys for years! Glad your here! Welcome

I must be honest indeed, I envy the achievement of you my friend, how can you succeed in reaching such a way. but I am also proud of you my brother. because, with a great person like you, we are still a beginner, can absorb various knowledge from you.

WOW everybody and his dog is coming here :)

Long time follower since you had that squeaky ass chair lol
Aye man this is just advice you can do the FUUU---CCKKK you wanna do!

Good thing you guys joined steemit!! I've been watching your videos for 4 years now!
You guys will make all types of crypto Gainnzzz ALL KINDZZZZ

Dont think its them.... No offense but don't think hey are the type to get hip with this type of stuff.

It is very cool to see you guys on here. Like others, I have followed you guys for years.

Not to mention, it is always nice to see fellow black people using the platform and crypto as a whole. I really think, we are missing out on profiting from this potentially society-changing system before mass adoption.

Keep up the good work!

Upvote and Follow me. From Aceh, Indonesia to the world :) @aceh.wonderful

Big fat veiny girthy shiny shimmering skeletin mushroom tip 💀💀💀💀😂😂

a very nice and interesting post. I like it very much.
success always brother.

Welcome to SteemIt @hodgetwins you are gunna enjoy the ride :-)!

Yooo this the funniest video on the steem blockchain bruv i think i cracked some ribs maaan!
more posts

You guys are hilarious! xD Glad to see the twins on DTube

This decision is really very tough at the moment but it is a good thing or sign for someone when he actually got separated from a person but he still pray for betterment and happiness. Because everyone in life has to move on or his rest of the life.

youtube's becoming more popular..

Nice post upvoted nd follow done

That is for sure, keep up the good work guys :)

This video is so funny...You guys cracked me up...

hopefully his girlfriend is always faithful yes mas.
hehehe dtube is very good. i want m
download the vidio

hahaha jock

my Favs have arrived to Steem . Will continue to view your content on your other channels , but it matters the most here in my opinion. Welcome to the community. Finally Steem doesn't have to seem so boring anymore.


hahahaha very nice

I noticed you guys didn't have your channel banner up yet. It's tricky process when you don't know how. All you gotta do is use .no that's not "dick pics" because that's what I thought for a second. It's pics for you use that in case you wanna edit a thumbnail as well.

Welcome @hodgetwins, get Steven Crowder on here :)

Guys as you and I both know it's best to get into things early. That's how we got to this point in the first place with crypto in general. Aethia is going to be the next crypto kitties it's just a matter of time. If your not first into these things you lose out on what could possibly be the next big crypto wave!



Once all signed up join our telegram:
Aethia offical

So great! I love you to see you in steemit!! :)

Forget her and move on.....
But i still love my ex😂😂

Good to see you here on Steemit, welcome to our community!

Oh man Hodgetwins! What's up! I used to watch your videos years ago when I was just getting serious about lifting in college. Looking forward to more great content. Welcome to steemit!

Welcome hogetwins ive been a big fan for a long time!


hahahahahaha !!! WTFF !

The best thing about the past is its over.

Ah shit! Hodgetwins in "D" building!

Kieth, Kevin? Is that you?

Welcome... looking forward to the life gains!

Hodgetwins! So freaking awesome to see you guys on this platform! No joke, you guys and your channel was the first that I (Bobby) found on YouTube back in the day. Learned a lot and laughed even more.

Nice!!!!! You guys are here!!! Lol. Funny video 👌

OMG!! I don't know if this account is real but I am so exited! cause I am such a huge fan of you guys.

very worm welcome to Steemit xo


his post is very nice .. i invite you visit our blog and enjoy our content

haha . good good

Welcome Bro's- DTUBE the future!!!

How can a man stop thinking abt women be it ex.. It's so unmanly 😐

So glad yall made it to Dtube. Ok I'm over her after that mushroom tip description. Thanks brothers!!!

The main secret of keeping the fun is to not let trifles disturb us, and at the same time appreciate those little pleasures that fall to our lot.

Hodge Twins went all the way in on this one! Why you got to your fan like that? Evil and hilarious, love it! LMAO

AYYYY finally someone I actually watch on youtube here on steemit. Welcome

Damn dudes. You are here?

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You have to stop...else your next post will be ..
I can't stop thinking about my ex and ex ex girlfriend..

Game changing!