Native Ads Weekly Dev Update #5

in #hivemind4 years ago
  • I had a few issues left over from last week, so they took a few days to work on. These included various bug fixes and sanity checks.

  • I managed to implement the adFund operation's logic, which parses token transfers that contain a community/ad post pairing memo, and then triggers DB updates accordingly. It's not yet complete. I am thinking of using a more unique memo scheme for ad payments.

  • Added a new adWithdraw operation, which enables ad posters to withdraw their ads from a community, as long as they are not yet funded.

  • The adFund op exposed some other edge cases, such as having a conflicting adReject op get processed first within the same block as an adFund op. That would render the payment unusable, so I came up with a one-block-history cache that checks for this and overrides the adReject op, in such an event.

All in all, most of the work is done on the indexing part of Native Ads. Once I iron out a few issues, I expect to start working on the API endpoints, which will avail various data sets to front-end apps. This will be the last milestone on the way to a beta release!

You can see all the commits I made this week in the native-ads-alpha-dev branch:

This coming week's scope

  • wrapping up the indexing logic
  • first basic API endpoints

I plan to take it slow this coming week, holidays and all; so this scope might spill over into the week after :)

See my current branches on GitHub:

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