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Today I am very happy because today i shall start my first lesson of Food Technology in this wonderful community. And in which lesson we are discuss about Determine total soluble solids in sugar cane juice. I hope it is very beneficial for everyone how don't know about Food processing and preservation of technology.

So, let's start with my lovely day.


The Principle of Determination of total soluble solids (TSS) in sugar cane juice is "Solids are present in the juice will refrect the light in refractometer. The angle of refraction is know as Total soluble solids (TSS) or Brix.



The Equipments which i want to find the Total soluble solids in sugar cane juice is write on the below table.

Sr NoEquipments NamePicture
01Refractometerimages (1).jpeg
02Beakerimages (2).jpeg
03Pipette water bathimages (3).jpeg
05Tissue Paperdownload (1).jpeg

And now you see in the upper table if the all 5 things or available at your home then you easily find the TSS or brix of any juice.




The procedure of Determination of total soluble solids (TSS) is very simple and i am also try at my laboratory. You also see in the upper picture.

  • Take mixed sample of Sugar cane juice in beaker.

  • Wash the Refractometer prism with water and dry with the help of tissue paper.

  • Mountain the temperature of sample at 20 centigrade with thermometer.

  • The few drops of sugar cane juice on the prism of refractometer amd close the lid.

  • Turn it towards light & view the reading through the eyepiece.

  • Note the intersection point of blue and white part.

And now you read in the upper there are some following steps which i performed for find TSS of juice.

  TSS = 1 % and Brix = 10 degree 


Table of TSS

And I male a table of Total soluble solids in sugar cane juice which i performed in my laboratory.

01Sample of sugar cane juice12.1%
02Sample of sugar cane juice12.0%
03Sample of sugar cane juice12.1%

Now you see in the upper picture i performed a practical for a three times and after i calculate my all three readings of TSS and find the average of Total soluble solids in sugar cane juice.


I hope you really like my little effort for to guide and improve peoples about food processing and preservation of technology.
Regards as a Food Technologist.

Thanks for your attention 🌺


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