The Power of Influencers

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I have always known that Influencers and especially Online Influencers hold a lot of Power as they can sway people for something or against something but I had the idea that these Influencers only act when there is Big Money on the Table and mostly these Big Money comes from Big Companies and for promoting their products. But never did I think that Influencers could be paid for even reviewing Buses. Yes, guys, it has come to my attention that even some Travel Agencies pay Influencers to make a Video on their Buses and have a free trip as well.

The reason I came to know about this is that I am currently around 5 days away from a short trip to my Native House with my Parents and sadly no Train or Flight is available. The TRip is for 2 days so traveling by Bus was Logical for me. But when I was looking for AC Buses I only found 1 which was going via that route, interested to find more buses I tried searching on Google, and guess what a bunch of Youtube Videos popped up for my travel route which showcased different buses. Upon further inquiry, I found out from one of my friends that Bus Agencies indeed pay or offer Free Seats to Influencers making Good Videos for them. This really came as a shock to me as I didn't know that the penetration of Ads and Influencer Marketing was so Big at least in our City.
So yeah it seems our Local Influencers are also earning some decent money from a lot of Promotions. I just hope that they include the disclaimer that you are being Paid to Promote.


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