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I'm happy to officially announce, after we finally agree with @milakz, the @steem.skillshare curation trail.

CURATION (1).png

This is just the first step, on a series of services we will develop for all the members of this fantastic group here on the steem blockchain, I'm going to explain with more details in future posts.

What is a curation trail

In the steem blockchain it is possible to authorize, an account, or more accounts, to perform some actions with your own personal account, keeping the total control, and in a very safe fashion.

This is possible thanks to the complex system of keys that we can use here on this blockchain.

With this system it is possible to use the active key to authorize a different account to cast votes in your behalf, without actually giving away the active key, but just by broadcasting the information in the blockchain using the key.
Like this the authorized account will never know any of your keys, while they will be able to use your account to perform a very limited amount of actions on the blockchain.

The active key will give you the power, as well of course, to revoke the authorization at any time without any limitation, just by broadcasting the information in the blockchain.

Why join one

As you can easily understand, this is a very convenient, efficient, and safe way to start cooperations among peers on the steem ecosystem.
Not everyone can code bots or programs to efficiently perform profitable actions, like upvotes, in an automatic and rational way 24/7, and that's why that could be interesting for someone to simply authorize someone else in order to enjoy this possibility of extra passive income.

As you certainly know already, each upvote will bring you after 7 days a curation reward, and even if the action of upvoting will be not manually performed by you, at the end you will enjoy the 100% of the curation reward.

More people will join, and more profitable will become, both for the voters, and for the post authors of the community. So if you are an active poster, it is very convenient to join both for the curation reward, and for the author reward that will rise as more people will join the trail.

It is in the interest of everyone that participate, and for all the community posters that the trail will expand, and more people will keep joining.

Why is good for the community

For the community is very good, because along with the delegations, the power of the curation account will rise in value, and more quality users from the network will be incentivized in joining the community, increasing the total value of the community, both in quantity, and quality.

One of the major attraction for the content creators here on the steem blockchain is the author reward, and for the community admin the main priority is gathering as many quality content creators as possible.
In order to do so, both for the content creators, and the community admins, it is very important to have a strong curation reward available to attract new members, and to incentivize them to write as many quality contents as possible.

How to join STEEM SKILLSHARE curation trail

@digital.mine is the account that is currently managing the curation trail of @steem.skillshare since several months already.

Even if @digital.mine is managing the trail, the main curation reward goes to @steem.skillshare.

All the community members, probably got an upvote from the curation trail, so they already got upvoted by digital.mine and all the other accounts.

As I've written above, to join the trail is necessary to give the authorization by broadcasting an information via custom json to the steem blockchain, in order to do so here the link to perform this action in a quick and safe way:

Otherwise, it is possible to use the amazing @steemchiller tool that is by clicking on account details, than on authorities, and finally on edit account authorities, and then manually add digital.mine to your POSTING AUTHORIZED ACCOUNTS.



It is possible that you specify the max % of upvote value you wish to use for the trail, by default is 100%.

I really hope to see many people joining our trail and grow together.

How to LEAVE the trail

I case you wish to abandon the trail, for any reasons you may have, you simply have to revoke the authority by using this link:

It is possible to do by using as well.

If you leave, you don't need to post a reply or notify me in any ways, because the program will understand automatically.

Thanks for your attention!

 2 years ago 

I have been a member of the trail for a while now but there is one thing that bothers me. I like to read the articles and engage with the authors. Any time that @steemchiller creates a tool to give posting authority for my brain to allow me to read the posts without having to see them - sign me up.

I have delegated and joined the trail. Here's the proof:



@the.journal & @steem.skillshare sir,

I have joined the trail . But still I didn’t get any trail tag. So I request to the community team please add me sir. I want to work this community. I want to share my skill.


Hello @the.journal, I've just joined the trail.


Hii @the.journal and @steem.skillshare sir i am also join your curation trail please check and label me as your trail member

I am also join your Steem skills share curation trail.
Please check and label me.

Hello, I already join the curation trail.😊😊

Please badge me, I already followed and delegate sp 😊😊😊 thanks.

Hello @the.journal and steem.skillshare i have joined your curation trail but ive not received any tag yet. It'll be appreciated if you give me a tag. Here's a screenshot of it





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