The Netflix Craze is Dying ??

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There is no question in my mind that NETFLIX has changed how we watch Movies or TV Series with how they made them availability super easy. It was a freaking revolution when NETFLIX came but after its domination for quite some time I feel like the time has come that NETFLIX drops down from its Top Position especially since there have been a lot of new players in the town of OTT. I am very much talking about the Big Elephant in the room called DISNEY PLUS.

Disney is a huge Franchise and honestly speaking it is definitely an upward battle for any OTT platform if you are competing with Disney. The only reason why NETFLIX has survived till now was because of its unique Catalogue of Content which included Content from different Countries as well as ANIME. This was the first reason and the second reason is the fact that NETFLIX had an huge Early Movers Advantage that is still paying Dividends for them but I feel like those Dividends are definitely drying up slowly.

The reason I am saying this is because currently I don't have a lot of things to watch on NETFLIX. I watched all English Movies and TV Series I liked them I went the Korean TV Series route and I have watched a lot of them and have about a few more left to watch and the reason I am keeping those left to watch is because once I watch them all I won't have anything else to watch. So yeah I am taking it slow so that I always have something to watch even if it's just a Single Episode. So yeah this is also a huge reason I feel like the Netflix Craze is slowly drying and possibly dying.


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