The Hotel Crisis of TODAY

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I have never in my life faced such a situation where I went to a certain location and I couldn't find a single Hotel Room to stay the night. But that is what happened to me and my friends today when we took a small trip to the State of Bihar and upon arrival we were stumped to see that there was no Rooms Available in the entire area and when I say entire area I mean withing a 50 Mile radius and I am not even kidding as I really tried a lot.


As you can see people are even sleeping in the hallways of Hotel with a super premium price. Usually the rooms in that hotel go for around 600 per night but today even those Mats in the Floor are going for 800 INR per night.

The reason behind this wave of people just flocking to this state is the fact that the next three days are reserved for an GOVERNMENT JOB EXAMINATION and for a Vacancy of around 7000 posts people over 600000 have applied for the posts and that is why there has been such a crisis of rooms here in this State.
But thanks to some Local Contacts we did get a Single Room and even though three people in a single room is a little tough but I am not complaining tonight as even this Room was acquired after a lot of Debate and Fighting. So yeah I will sleep good today even though it is a little uncomfortable.


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